October 4, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Swizz Beatz & Drake Beef

  1. About the apology…he didn’t take back a word he said nor did he backtrack he apologized for getting out of character. Why does everybody keep making it seem like he didn’t stand by what he said

    1. Because apologizing for getting out of line is some form of clean up for the situation. He would’ve been better off not saying anything at all and just letting shit go down that’s standing by what you say tbh; however he coming back with the I was out of line and my kid’s shouldn’t see me like this or whatever…people are gonna perceive it as an apology. Since OVO members blasted him, if he don’t clap back to they responses it’s gonna look like he Punked out. That’s just how people are gonna take it.

  2. Drake (wanker) stay pissing people off. Leave other folks women alone. Leave little girls alone. I have vibes to some of his music. I have never liked him, he character is off.

  3. I feel like people should say what they want in the hip hop community. People have said and done worse for less. It ain’t about no kids seeing you like nothing, I’m sure they’ve heard music and projects you been involved with. That shit ain’t sweet. And so what if it got out that Drake wrote unthinkable, that would not stop people from listening. Singers always get shit written for them. Drake always be on some sneak shit. He have a right to be upset about the late phone calls!

  4. Everybody’s beef with Drake always leads to a woman! As my grandmama used to say, “he don’t mean himself no good”. Drake is SUCH a shit starter 😂😂😂

  5. Swiss never apologized for the words he said. He only apologized for the platform or where he said those words. Which is why OVO clapped back. Swiss meant it all. All of this over a song that your mistress turned wife didn’t write… Man please. Instead of worrying about Drake and a song from thousands of years ago, he needs to be concerned with his own sad situation of baby mamas and kids who call your NOW wife “mama”.

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