October 4, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/9/2020

  1. I question that 2 million views claim as well. That doesn’t even seem realistic. 69 isn’t that well known world wide to produce those numbers. It makes you wonder now the IG follower counts on celebs they want to promote. 69 is called a rat and this is the Chinese year of the rat.

    It looks like Diddy is getting rid of any potential threats to his dirty little secrets once again 👀

      1. Black Mafia Family. It was said that Big Meech may get to serve the rest of his sentence on house arrest b/c of Corona. This should be interesting.

      1. Well with “Mafia” in the name I’d be sacred too 🤐 and i just love this layout it’s so pretty to me🤗

  2. Well I still don’t know why hailey got married to Justin. Lmaoooo and I can imagine all the bullying since sooo many little girls like him.

    I hate Justin Timberlake sooooo bad it’s like why is he not cancelled yet…

    Ewwww someone gotta do some shit about Tekashi he’s sooooo annoying. Idky ppl give him the time of day.

    1. I hate JT as well and they refuse to cancel him. They have came at my neck multiple times for calling home a culture vulture😒

  3. Andre Harrel just popping up dead at 59 on 5/9 seems completely ritualistic… not to mention the way it was announced by DJ D Nice 😒 SIDE EYE … if more ppl mysteriously pop up dead who tie in to DIDDY … THAT IS A RED FLAG HE GOT THINGS TO HIDE or he’s running out of time and sacrifice season is heavily upon him!!!
    Things that make you GO 🤔 hmmmmmmmmm!

    1. I thought that too. Why did he have to announce his death on live? Secondly how long have he been dead before dnice had to say something. Why couldn’t it be a family member or something. That’s why diddy been doing too much on the internet once again when he got blood on his hands.

      1. Tekashi is claiming “King of NY”, but as soon as his highlighter azz made it KNOWN he was in the neighborhood and the neighbor/fan put that addy out there he bounces. Stop trying to play “king” and worry about your life.

        RIP to Andre and Little Richard. Andre’s death is giving me sacrifice vibes.

        Oh Hailey, you should have never married Justin.

        Does Celina REALLY have a tape of Snoop or is trying to hustle more ppl to sign up for her early fans?

    2. He died on 5/8. DNice was getting the texts as he was dj-ing, so he just mentioned it. But, I would keep an eye on Diddy… he’s a sneaky one

  4. Hallie Baldwin needs to boss up and quit being soft!! The only thing I hear about her is being Justin’s wife.

      1. Her dad has (Or had, not sure which Baldwin is her dad) money. And she’s done some clothing collabs that’s it really. I can understand why she would feel a way, those Fandoms DONT let up for shit. But I would enjoy my marriage in private and stay off SM.

  5. Hey G! Hope you and the fam are doing great!

    I know this is an old story G, and if you already covered this, I apologize; but do you have anymore info on that singer / rapper from the mid-2000s Houston. Knowing what we know now about the industry, I’m thinking there is definitely more to his unfortunate story.

  6. Woke up to hearing Andre Harrell and Little Richard dying. It’s just too much. I was thinking to myself damn.. Diddy’s old boo thang passed? Why is all these people who are/were connected to Diddy passing away? Seems suspicious to me. But in RIP to them.

  7. The site looks beautiful OMG ❤️

    What is so special about this Celin skank? All I see is another IG prostitute

  8. Definitely first thought was wow a sacrifice. I’m on D Nice live almost 3 times a week and Andre was just in the comments early this week no issues. At least from how I viewed.
    Diddy been looking scared, then finally talking but about something political.

    Watch tonight all the celebrities gonna try and be seen and heard during this Erykah and Jill battle.

    Side note I’ve come to really dislike SwizzBeatz not sure why lol

    1. You were right on point. All kinds of celebs were on the Jill and Erykah live including Michelle Obama.

    2. Mannn, I cannot stand dude (swizz) and don’t really know him. I’ve seen him around and he gives me pure snake vibes as well looking like jayz’s light skinned camel cousin.

      G I’d love a back story on him.

  9. What’s interesting is Tory Lanez did 300,000 and they tried to shut him down. So how was this made possible? I’ve never heard a Tekashi 69 song on the radio, but like they said the used him as an industry plant so, so he’s out doing what he was put in the industry to do troll and make headlines.

  10. I’m just patiently waiting on the tea on Meg and Dojo. When are we gonna ger that?

  11. its damned if u do, damned if u dont when it comes to justin. if he didn’t post,people would be mad at that. he DOES post&shut down the comments cuz he knows how people are when it comes to him……and its still not enough🤷🏾

  12. Snoop stays creeping. Shannon hadn’t been the same since his car accident. It is strange that people around Puff keep dying.

  13. Hailey Baldwin could do so much better. Bieber looks like a unkept lesbian lmao. She could get a real lookin man. But isnt she his handler or something?

    JT would maybe have respect from people if he would just be real. Hes always so sensitive about his damn image which only hurts him more and seems he cant take the heat. He always has seemed well liked in the most communities so what does that say about so many of these black artists, athletes, that are cool with him?

    Takashi need to be taken out with his nasty pedophile ass. Just looking at him makes my stomach turn.

  14. Years ago I remember there was a website dedicated to a girl (I think her name was Misty or something similar) that was involved with an associate of BMF. Anyway- apparent she was a good girl that got caught up with that life and she ended up being executed with her boyfriend… Since reading her story, I always side- eye anyone that praises BMF.

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