September 30, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/30/2020

  1. Chris why do you keep embarrassing me
    Did he really hit karate?
    Good for iggy
    I’m not surprised about kim and Kanye especially after how she did kris humphries karma
    Brandy what did that note say
    Dang jeezy like that
    Amnex really thinks that Chris is gonna Wife her 😂 silly rabbit he’s for the streets

    1. thats exactly why he posted it i think, he was probably counting down the days it expires

    1. I saw a article on kim and kanye and someone from kim side said she doesn’t agree with kanye parenting skills. I thought that was a lie and turn out it could be true. They both need parenting classes. That’s all imma say I don’t like the back and forth when it comes down to mom and dads. In reality everyday is a learning experience whether you think you know something or not.

      Meg just let shawn carter get writing credit too i want to see where meg going to be after all this.

      1. Him and the dream wrote some of Beyonce bars that’s why … you know she barely rights her music

  2. I guess I just wonder how and WHY it is that Nicki has to always enter the conversation when she’s somewhere minding her business. Whoever thought they were shading her is trippin. Because she for DAMN SURE ain’t the only one walking around with ass enhancements. That mess is annoying. Personally, I heard the song, and as usual, the whole thing is overrated. I’m not saying it don’t go on some level, but the uproar around it, I just don’t get.

    I hate that Jennifer can’t catch a break. I don’t know who to believe in that situation, but at this point (and I don’t care who feels a way), she might as well explore dating on the other side of the race card. And light-skinned, big-booty ass Tim needs to stay out the situation. If ever somebody needed some tissue transferred. I’m sure he could donate to a few new booty accounts.

    I’m a little confused about the “READINGS” on Kim and Kanye. Who did readings on them?

    As far as Jay Z and Diddy, I can understand that. I don’t think that camels are really meant to intermingle with humans for too long. He probably just needs to be in the deserts of Arabia for a minute. He’ll be a’ight.

    1. Lol @ big booty Tim. Je is aggy as hell. I think Jen would do better dating on the other side too. She probably will find someone who really likes her.

    2. “Camels not meant to intermingle with humans” Girl I’m 😂😂🤣😂😭😭😭😭

    3. I was about to say the same thing about Nicki. It’s really annoying now.
      The song is definitely overrated.

  3. Chris gonna mess around and get into an altercation with Victor. He gonna flip out if Karrueche and Vic get married and have kids.

    If anything Beyoncé was shading the kardashians as usual. People just attaching Nicki cause Meg on the record but fans swear Nicki and Beyoncé are cool so why would she shade her? That’s cause they know shit ain’t sweet they just be 🧢.

    1. Nicki and bey were friends just for bness. I aint saying they not cool but you know Giselle by now. Lol i think she talking about all those fake ig models. You know she watch everybody

      1. And i would hate to see victor get mad he look like he’ll get serious if necessary.

      2. She probably talking about the IG models her husband stays fucking. She kills me. To be so “unbothered” and “unproblematic”
        As she wants to spear… she’s always dropping subs and her songs are usually bashing the same thing her husband prefers. 🤣 yeah she’s bothered. I don’t get what’s the big deal with the stupid remix. Shit is overrated and wash, rinse, repeat same shit of all the other songs. Nothing with substance just like their fan base. People are acting like it’s the cute to Covid. So ridiculous.

  4. People always think somebody is shading Nicki. It gets tiring. Everybody is NOT concerned with Nicki Minaj. Back to the song, it was aight. Nothing to write home to mama about. But the real question is, will this big feature move her along in her career? Something tells me it won’t *shrugs*.

    Chris is sealing the deal at being board certified crazy. He is like a character straight out of a Lifetime movie. Kaerruche needs to reup that restraining order.

    Kim and Kanye just need to let it go. Just like Beyonce and Jay-Z need to do…let it go.

    What is going on between Sean and Jay? We need more deets.

    Jennifer’s story never made sense from jump. It was just weird on how this “strange man” got her car. The explanation was just stupid. Her being in a relationship with this man makes more sense.

    1. Yes I pictured meg stepping back and letting bey just step on her. She would never do that to nicki lol

    2. The original song was whack anyway, the only reason it got traction was because of tik tok…

  5. One last thing kanye is just better by himself honestly i like their family but kim loves her lifestyle more. This is the time to let fake shit go im tited of all of it.

    1. Nicki be minding her business and people such as the person that wrote this post always gotta attach nicki name to any and everything. Leave her TF alone. Beyonce and nicki are very much so friends. Y’all say the industry after nicki but its really the black blogs that always gotta tear her down. Imo your apart of the problem gee/ncaseudidntknow

      1. Shut up. They are not cool at all anymore because Jay said so. How you gonna say they are apart of the problem when they are the ones who have been keeping us hip this whole time 🤨🤨. This must be Fee

  6. I just wanna know how did Meg let Bey trick her into doing basically a free record. What may be her biggest record but the proceeds are going to charity 🤨

    1. For exposure. That simple. Trust, not everyone was checking for Meg. Besides, ain’t she signed to Roc Nation. Now she’s going to learn what it costs to sign with the devil.

  7. After all these years being down with the Goat, now you having problems with your husband Jada?

  8. All I heard was Giselle shout her demon side and I logged the fluck off. Miss me with alladat. So that’s what Megan got for signing up with Jay huh 🤔

  9. -I could sense that Jeanie is more into to Jeezy than he is of her and they look so awkward together.
    -It seems like Diddy and Camel can’t keep any friends probably because they real dirty.
    – I don’t know who wrote Beyoncé verse for her but they did that.

  10. That’s exactly why she should’ve never let Evilynn talk her into divorcing her husband.

  11. Megan’s ego will be bigger than planet earth just because she made a song with god/Beyonce.

  12. The remix is whack. Same shit. Beyonce is a one trick pony with lyrics. It’s like her shit is always written with the same idea in mind… which is to hype herself up, glorify her being and shit on everyone else that’s not on her level. When are we going to stop consuming this trash??? She’s not above the bullshit at all.

    Jada is mad cause the side chick won’t let her join.

    Chris, just stop!! But karma ain’t going to let this guy live in bliss cause he’s done very bad things to regular people. He rolls with thieves and killers that d bad things on his queue.

  13. I knew it was Karrueche as soon as I seen it. Hahahah he needs to leave that poor girl ALONEEEEEE!!! And yeahhh I had a feeling Jennifer wasn’t all the way telling the truth on this one. We will see. Will and Jada you been told us about these too I’ve been waiting on the separation, I think we all are !

  14. Jada and Will once said they have open relationship. Why do they separate now? Problem of living fake life🤣🤣🤣

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