September 30, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/11/2020

  1. Its so hard to believe that as long as Nicki has been in the game, that this is her first number 1 record.

    1. Because the hate for her has been real since day one. How the hell was Super Bass not a #1 ?? That shit was every teeny bopper and white girl anthem for years. Lol

      Has Giselle ever had a #1?

      Kylie… people are so ridiculous and they would buy anything this stupid family sells even if they’re being jerked lol

      1. And “moment in life”. I was in high school we stepped to that song. I was never a big fan of nicki when she went mainstream but after learning about behind the scenes I respect and understand her better now. Besides her and my mom share the same bday. I have Soft spot for her.

        Kylie be on a move. Dealing with them people she probably trying to see sum real quick.

      2. From what I could see, she has 9. She’ll prob get another next week

      3. Jay-z wife is costing him good artiste… Her jealous ass is blocking Rih and Meg. I am happy for Nicki but the industry just used her to set up for the Doja era. They realise the next female rapper has to have the barbz on their side.

  2. So Tristan is faithful now? Wow mr Khloe turned him around
    Rich the kid and his Rihanna should be fine
    Is tamagotchi a clone I keep hearing rumors

  3. So happy for Nicki and Doja Cat, it was well deserved! Happy for Megan and Bey too, #2 is still a good spot… khlogre is just as stupid as Earl Thomas wife

  4. I think Tristan is fooling with Khloe because it was some prestige/social presence. LeBron is no longer a Cav, so he needs to stay in the limelight.

  5. If you think beys ass is real, your a fool. Lol it clearly does not match her thighs or waist😅 no hate

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