October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Presents: Bet You Didn’t Know That Vanessa & Kobe Bryant Had Secrets

    1. You are on it. Heaven’s blog is within G’s blog. If you just read the story above, that means you are already the blog.

  1. I couldnt Be with anybody in the industry! Not to be my man…maybe to hunch from time to time😩 but not my man man…hell to the nawl

  2. Damn kim people’s be putting her in all types of fuck shit. She be so onto herself she doesn’t even realize it. I was bouta curse her out until i had to keep reading.

  3. It’s obvious Kobe didn’t love her but it was cheaper to keep her and he knew he could get away with it. Vanessa loved the perks of being a basketball wife. Her esteem was built from being with him because had she loved herself enough, she would’ve left. After all the women that man slept with, When would she have smarten up? After he gave her some type of disease? That money and power made her lose all of her common sense.

  4. What is up with carla what does she actually do and who is her sponsor cus she been living in dubai for some years now

  5. I always wondered why the relationship she had with the Kardashians went south! Her and Kim used to be really close and then all of a sudden I didn’t see them hanging out with each other anymore very interesting! The Kardashians do this all the time but will get mad when it’s done to them

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