October 4, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Presents: Bet Y’all Didn’t Know about Vanessa’s Revenge

  1. Men kill me. Cheat on you left and right and Then when you get some attention you a thot who’s penis hopping. Kobe had an Ego just like any other man and that had him shook. Vanessa is a beautiful woman so it’s no shock really.

    1. But Karl ‘The Mailman’ Malone is! Damn, I’ve always wanted to meet and actually does what his nickname says. 😜

  2. I must be a nosy MF because I actually remember hearing these rumors… people were actually hyped that she had found a fellow Hispanic and he was handsome!

    1. Yeah back in the day in L.A. all her escapades were talked out.

      I still think Kobe got the last laugh in the end.

  3. LOL it’s funny how he said he didn’t make anything public but he publicly humiliated her with the entire rape allegation case. She was his wife THEN, TOO. Guess he forgot about that lmao. Good for her I’m glad she decided to do her thing at least once 🤔

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