October 4, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant The Trust, My reading,Men Trying To Get With Her Already?

  1. Hav Mercy! I will continue to pray for her and her girls that she will stay safe and use wisdom when figuring out what to do! More money, more problems 😞

  2. I don’t think the court ruled on that yet. The courts were already closed when she filed her Ex Parte.

    From what I understand this trust is one of several and strictly is to take care of his kids and Vanessa. Once Natalia turns 18 she’ll get her portion. After the kids are grown she gets nothing.

    She’s ready not in a position of dictate Kobe’s money like that. Which is why she’s doing all this suing and sling of his personal items.

    I don’t know how the courts figure it has jurisdiction over a irrevocable trust.

    Glad he had great estate planning.

    Everyone keeps saying how smart she is yet she didn’t know her husband’s estate plans. She’s out here acting destitute and folks think she’s making power moves.

    Honestly she should’ve went through with the divorce she would’ve been better off.

    1. I do not think kobe ;left her with nothing after all the kids are grown then again you are talking damn near 18 more years for bianca and capri Kobe loved this woman and she stayed so trust me she made sure she was the beneficiary the wife automatically is the beneficary

  3. She better do the right thing because God Is watching… it’s only money give some to his family (sisters and parents )

    1. Vanessa doesn’t owe them a damn thing just like how they had to bury their son Vanessa had to bury her daughter and the other daughters dad. She needs nothing but love and support right now. Shit is already like u said starting to get real fishy, the oldest is almost 18. It’ll be interesting to see what she does or if she decides to pursue Hollywood. I really just want Vanessa and her girls and Kobe’s family all to reconcile and kind of fade from the limelight. I’m sure that’s what they want too

  4. I’m with Heaven give each parent 2 million and each sibling 1 million. Then she need to be very very smart & careful with rest🙏🏽🙏🏽

      1. Huh? Christ did readings, prophecy, spells, magick and got upset and kicked ass, hung out with pimps and hoes…

  5. This story just makes me sad. Who can you trust when you need help. Vanessa has a family she have sisters. Why not ask them to be the guardian of her kids. Are Kobe Bryant sisters to be the guardian.

  6. I would give his parents and siblings something. He became who he was because of them. It seems his sisters and Kobe were cool at the time of his death.

  7. Anytime a lot of money is involved, you need to be careful who you place around you. I hope that Vanessa can get control of her grief for a second to handle business. The wolves will play on that to swindle her out of EVERYTHING.

    As for his family(mom, dad, and sisters) getting anything. I mean if Vanessa wants to give, then so be it. But if Kobe has nothing in the papers saying that his parents are to get a certain amount and Vanessa doesn’t give, it is what it is. If Kobe truly wanted his parents to have something he should have documented it. That way it would be automatic. You can’t rely on people’s “kindness” when money is in play. Everybody won’t do what you do and vice versa.

    1. No so the guy james is the guardian of the babygirl capri.

      The lady erika is the guardian of matalia and bianka, but natalia is about to be 18 so she really won’t need a guardian.

  8. Wait G….u do readings? This is a whole notha conversation but I hope Vanessa stays safe and away from the folks coming for all that Kobe money. As long as Kob & her we’re together I hope he prepared her and I hope that if he did, she remembers.

    1. I would do like G and Heaven said. Drop a little on the parents 2M and the sisters 1m each. Then take care of the kids, watch my back and LIVE my life.

  9. I’m just gonna continue to pray for Vanessa. I know folks are looking to thrive off of her pain and suffering. I think she could stand to give his parents and siblings money, but more importantly, I hope they can reconcile. Both sides are coping with a terrible loss and possibly could comfort each other

  10. Why does she have to give his family anything? I don’t get why? They tried to sell memorabilia behind his back.. disloyal ppl don’t deserve anything…

  11. Bless her and their whole families souls. May our Lord and Creator protect them and watch over them for their entire lives. I worry about her often and I’m not even a sports fan. I hope she gets everything sorted out safely.

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