September 30, 2022

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9 thoughts on “What Really Happened Between Nicki Minaj and Quavo Final part

    1. I did not not say it was diminished I said a black mark and she must feel the same because she said she wish she could get a do over

  1. Quavo was just gonna be another Meek, cocky that he dating the top rap chick! I bet eventually he would’ve started getting jealous and acting crazy just like meek was smh.

    If Nicki was rejecting reality star collabs because her label said it was career Suicide…then that probably means she rejected Cardi’s collab proposal way back when no really was paying attention to cardi because her team said nah don’t do it…so maybe Cardi got it all twisted and was mad at Nicki for no reason when Nicki was just following instructions. Blame her label.

    And yeah okay Nicki QUAVO is the only mistake you made that you regret…I bet if you could do it all over again, you would go way back to 2014 when meek snuck his way into yo life and pay him dust after snitching on safaree. Guarantee it.

  2. The whole Motorsport song belongs to Nicki Minaj lol. Every time I hear it HER verse is still the best and most memorable. I still feel like she washed all of them but especially cardi. She was mad about that one little line but nicki’s whole verse felt like a high key biggggg diss to cardi and of course her dumb ass let it slide

  3. I’m so over hearing about nicki but this was a good read. I’m glad she stopped messing with quavo. If anything she should have dated take off he wouldn’t have said anything even though he made a verse about her. I look at is as they used each other. She called quavo ass new boy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭was making him sound weak as hell on queen radio.

  4. I felt like her response to quavo was in Barbie drip too hard. “I spent ya money but I ain’t say I was ya boo yet, I’m just a bad bitch I’m sorry I put you through that.”

  5. it sounds like they both was talking to each other but also taking to sawtiee & kenny at the same time .. thats just me tho

  6. Nicki has always known her intellectual, creative, and skillful worth. So it always pains me to see her not know her romantic and soulful worth. She is such a genuine, passionate, fun loving woman, and she has CONSISTENTLY let the most wack dudes break her heart and hurt her feelings. I hope Kenny is treating her at least somewhat better and letting her know her worth. Quavo, Meek, SB, all WACK.

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