September 30, 2022

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40 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why So Many A Listers Were At The D-Nice Party

  1. I knew something was suspect! I’m so glad i’ve been limiting my social media use during this time. I can imagine the propaganda level on there is astounding right now

    1. All them celebrities in their were Democrats. Once these Hollyweird pedo rings get busted, yall will be surprised who was actually the disgusting mofos were and this agenda. Yall see the stimulus got denied. Alot is going on. Now DNice teaming with Michelle Obama for a voting party. Now, where the hell is Pres Obama? 🤔

  2. Well…if this is what it was, at least the vibes were positive and I know me and all my folks had a blast. We didn’t even care about the celebrities, it was just good to give everyone a damn break from the constant fear mongering and shit about this mess that has been made. And actually, people are blind if they didn’t see them setting up for martial law long BEFORE DNice and Club Quarantine….

  3. If you are remotely on the party scene D-Nice has been deejaying for some years now so people definitely know who he is but I do think he was used for some sort of agenda

    1. Right. I went to LA a few years ago and somehow got to go to this day party where he was the DJ and how he was on live was how he was in person. But it was a great break from all the mess going on around us. I’m also not surprised that random folks like Biden and Oprah jumped in there wanting to be a part.

    2. That’s a fact!! I’m in nyc.. and I remember going to a few parties where he was the guest DJ and it was standing room only each time… he been that dude! But I also couldn’t help but feel something else was up. Not even surprised.

  4. Trump is not part of the elites though this was done to distract people of the bills that they are tying to pass

    1. My family are in the military and the national guards are being deployed to major cities to help with the medical field and to make sure people don’t go crazy and riot or rob businesses

      1. Off topic but did u see Mulatto signed with RCA Records??? Soooooo who’s over that label??? Did she just sell her soul too???

  5. Well he does have a lyric in his song from back in the day: “my name is D-Nice and I’m taking out u suckas and u don’t know how I did it”. 😂.

    He told y’all in the early 90s go listen to his song: They call me D-Nice. We ain’t know what he was gonna do—but now we know. 🎧🎼

    I’m being silly yall😂

  6. Damn G that’s crazy but not surprising. I used to have a crush on Dnice in the 80’s when he use to be a rapper. But I was thinking the same thing while on his live when he kept shouting out celebrities. I was like how do he know they are here because I didn’t see any comments or when they joined.

  7. These elites are truly trying to push a agenda when IMO, most don’t care. The fact that whether Covid-19 is bio warfare or not, it is affecting REAL people. Most are too busy worrying about the stats and updates in their area and the next place you can find bread, toilet paper, and meat(raises both hands), to be worried about a damn Dj spinning on INSTAGRAM. What the hell is that gonna do for us regular folk. Oh, we supposed to be a club in our living rooms 😒. They can play in traffic with that foolishness.

      1. I mean it was obvious that D-Nice was a Elite set up. Too many celebs were pushing it. But dude we don’t care lol. You won’t be distracting me from what these idiots are doing 😂.

  8. Something always going on in this cruel world and those elites always try to distract us “normal” ppl…I’m sicca they ass!!!

  9. Everybody is home now with nothing to do so u cat really compare to regular time. The Shaderoom posted it too

  10. I knew something was up when he thru up the 666 while holding the earphones. Smh maybe I’m the only one that didn’t listen but at this point EVERYTHING is in plain site and I’m not interested

  11. Someone commented on one of his posts “seated” and I was like damn I knew something was up with the celebrities!! Now he’s been elevated to the table for what purpose? They’re all about to go down anyway

    1. I saw JJFad and Ricky Bell come through during that live. 😂😂😂😂😂 I was like dagg😂😂😂

  12. I was wondering why and how was he hyped up like he was the 1st dj to do this plus I’d never heard of him. Now it all makes sense

  13. Seeeee I knewww some shit was up with all of that. I’m glad I didn’t partake and not going to with all these lives. I’ll let y’all or the other social media gossip pages post it !

  14. Who never heard of D Nice? This man is a legend in hip hop and one of the most humble there is. He has dj’d already for the Obamas in the past and done dj’jng gigs for some of the biggest stars so this did not surprise me at all. If there is some other agenda, that’s crazy as hell. However, for people on here to say he’s not known like that clearly doesn’t know hip hop.

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