October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Snoop Dogg’s Apology To Gayle King

  1. I was so happy when he came at her and disappointed when he apologized. First thing I said was he must’ve been threatened. And all the other celebrities that came at him is some coons because regardless of what he said they should’ve showed unity in the black community right or wrong that’s why we can’t never get anywhere as black people. Because trust and believe them Caucasians will stick together regardless.

    1. Yep and i just shook my head cause i knew He would HAVE to apologize ! Idk y they get on social media with allat capping cause they KNOW wats gonna happen! They ALL ALWAYS APOLOGIZE!🙄 it’s like we will never have anyone to stand up for us and let it be instead of having to apologize every single time smh

  2. I was kind of disappointed he apologized but I figured someone gave him a call about that to remind him of the repercussions coming after Oprah’s boo.

  3. I don’t think snoop would have had “that” call if would have just stopped at the “you funky dog head ass bitch” 😂 the threat at the end ruined the joke of it.

  4. I hate he had to apologize and Oprah ass need to go period ..Gayle and Oprah ain’t shit it’s time for they asses to go

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