October 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories we Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Damn, no wonder why the Debarge children are all dead or drugged out smh. All that trauma he caused to those children. They never had a chance.

    Damn Marvin. He had alot of drama going on tho. His daddy was a crossdressing abusive alcoholic

  2. God bless the Debarge family and may he have mercy on the souls of their mother and their monstrous father. Horror upon horror. I watched their Unsung once or twice and it was hard to watch. Prayers up to that family as they truly have been destroyed.

    1. I would like to a Debarge movie on the whole group/family and their success, but I know that would be hard to discuss the abuse that went on. They probably would try to gloss over it.

  3. The DeBarge kids never stood a chance. Quite literally every one of those kids was abused horrendously and it shows. Drug addiction, self destruction…its so very sad.

  4. BOTH of these in depth stories I NEVER knew……

    The debarge family situation just disgusts me to the CORE 😔😔😔😔💔💔 like, we really be BLIND to this shit at first smh

    Then MARVIN GAYE I just NEVERRRRRRRRR ever knew any of this bout him all I know was some of his classic hits and how he died. That’s all I knew growing up.


  5. The DeBarge thing is disgusting. The mom is just as sick as the dad because she let it go on. He cursed their entire family. I also don’t understand how when they y’all about him, there seems to be no animosity

  6. It’s so funny this is posted because I JUST finished her book last week. She said the twins are 15 years younger than her and it was embarrassing bc all the kids at school said they were hers and her fathers children. A contributor to her dropping out

  7. No words can describe the horrors the DeBarge family went through…and the gun Marvin Senior used to kill his son was a gift Junior gave to his dad…

    1. On Bunny’s fb page, she posted a picture of Peaches, one of the twins. I havent seen anything else.

  8. not to mention Marvin Gaye date his wife’s(Barry Gordon’s sister) niece( Tina Knowles current husband ex wife and mother to Bianca Lawson).

  9. People that prey on innocent children should be castrated. 😢 and I just feel so bad that the mom wasn’t mentally strong enough to get her and her kids out of that situation.

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