September 26, 2022

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64 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 6/14/19

  1. Whet!! What’s the tea on Future??? And what does Ciara think about this??? Is this why she’s stalling on giving Russell another baby?

    1. Hmmmmm. I saw that coming a looooonng long time ago… daddies ALWAYS attempt to come back to the good one they did hecka dirty ESPECIALLY once he gets wind of her inner peace of happiness and gawd 4 bid she has a steady beau at arms length. 👀 I’m hear for it! Sounds real juicy and I’m tuned all the way in!!!

      1. I busted out laughing in a restaurant after reading “future wants Ciara back” yeaaaaaaaa riiiiiight! In his dreams. That’s pure comedy. These hood niglets will learn to not treat ALL women the same. Smh

  2. I’m so disappointed in David….I was his mistress in my head, lol.

    I hope Cardi does not go on tour with Nicki…Nicki’s tours have not been going well…

    Future better give it up..Ciara has glowed DF up and is with a legit grown ass man now.

    1. Nicki’s tours haven’t been going well because the industry is sabotaging her so that they can push they Cardi is winning and on top agenda! If Nicki bows out and let’s cardi assume the spot then they probably will leave her alone. If you can’t beat them join them.

  3. You can tell Future wants her back by the way he constantly runs his mouth about her and her relationship.

    1. I can see Cardi B n Nicki going on tour. There’s a new #Hot Girl replacing her. Megan that Stallion.

  4. Well damn! Nicki and Cardi must going to have a Iyanla style conversation to get it together, so they can tour TOGETHER.

    Chris, we don’t believe you. That was YOU under that man’s page harrassing. And the fact that every girl you have gotten with after Kaerruche, has LOOKED like Kaerruche, shows you aren’t over her… And that you are unstable.

    Drake, for the reasons I just stated… Don’t do a tour with Chris 😂.

    Future… Man please 😂.

    1. I do not believe it was Chris period. The writing and way of speaking was way off. I knew from the jump that was definitely not Chris way of speaking. Chris and Drake will continue to break the internet as they continue to work together. I’m here for it

      1. Right! Plus when has Chris ever backtracked? He sticks with what he says whether the public agrees or not. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

  5. CB is lying!!!! He know he was trolling!!!! Future need to cut it out!!! Don’t see a Nicki/Card I tour happening!! You definitely called Nicki not being on CB tour!!!

  6. I would be so disappointed about that tour I’m sorry 🤧 I know she said cardi didn’t do anything that she wouldn’t forgive her for but all the shit she’s talked after it happened. She just recently tweeted that she doesn’t regret it and she’d do it again it was fun. I know she’s young but nahh that ain’t no way to be in this industry. She also has picks and knows who to do that shit to.

    1. « No way to get in the industry » how sway? Male rappers have been beefing for decades nobody says shit, this is hip hop that’s how it works ! Jay Z literally told NAS that he fucked his chick and signed him on his label nobody said nothing. Y’all need to stop Wlth that fake outrage

  7. Nickis you’re sold out overseas and is Barns can’t wait for her to do it here!!! Don’t care if Cardi with her or not I just want that beef over with!

  8. Now Kendall is gonna be crying next season about how her life is so hard and her anxiety 🙄 girl BYE

  9. Of course Future wants that old thang back! He didn’t expect her to literally level up when they broke. You ain’t Alla day Future

  10. So does this mean Nicki & Cardi are on better terms? Or just for the 🤑

    Future only wants her back because he sees she’s thriving, they always want you back when they see you doing good 🙄🙄 too bad she knows better now 😂😛

  11. Y’all member BEST OF BOTH WORLD TOUR
    Nicki n Cardi will be similar I just can’t see them getting along. Money gotta be real long

  12. About the Nicki & Cardi situation is it a if you can’t beat em, join em type of situation? Future just needs to be with Joie. He should’ve got right when he had Ciara

    1. I am not sure if I believe he wants her back; maybe when they first broke up…but I believe he is over that…however, I do believe he don’t want Joie, he has never claimed her and I have only ever seen one public photo of them together and that was that one forced pic at the baby shower…and she looks so good too, I wonder why he never claimed her🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. Cardi’s latest songs are not doing that great I don’t think Nicki should take her on tour. Let her just fade away. Future need to let Ciara enjoy her life.


    1) Nicki probably said if you can’t beat them join them, and she actually never had an issue with Cardi it was the people behind the scenes she beefed with and they got in Cardi ear and made that beef! I wouldn’t mind seeing them tour together and I bet that will make remy and them TIGHT HAHA

    2) Drake/Chris when is that so I can save my bag!

    3) We know future want Ciara back, she the only one that didn’t take his crap that’s what probably got him.

    4) Chris stop it. You was trying to piss ammika off I assume and then y’all made up and was also secretly trying to shoot ya shot at Kae one more time

    5) Madonna gonna sing? Wonder what issues that’s gonna cause.

  15. Goodbye Future…he’s gonna cause his baby mama to go into a nut house (the one that looks like Tamar). I hope Ortiz keeps his butt in the US away from people’s wives…not feeling a Nikki/Cardi tour…Nikki is talented, but she’ll be sabotaged and Cardi will really end up looking like the better rapper…Why won’t she act!? Or become a brand ambassador- leave music like Rih has..

  16. Madonna speaking up doesn’t make sense considering how far she’s gotten and we all know what that takes lol. And did Jessica Biel think that was a good idea? There are plenty of actual doctors fighting that bill. Her name carries no weight or purpose in it IMO.

  17. Nicki and cardi tour would be so good!! Cant fuckin beat them join them and get that money!! There is enough for everyone to eat!

  18. Drake songs are gonna overshadow the song he didn’t with Chris and Chris gone get mad and jealous. I dont think they should tour together.

  19. Nicki and Cardi tour will be awesome. Love it finally it’s boting watching the two of them argue for no reason

  20. You mean to tell me that Nicki and Cardi are going on tour after all that havoc they been doing for the past three years?

  21. Chris isn’t lying… they are playing with that mans image because he has his masters now! They’re showing him how easy they can make him look crazy.

  22. Idk about that tour with those two. Cardi need to open for drake and Chris and not even. Sound like a lot of politic-ing 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. Hey G!!! What caused the change of tune for them to possibly tour together after Atlantic has done everything to sabotage nicki?

    It’s not surprising that future wants Ciara back by his antics but what’s sugar on how ciara feels about future? From a PR standpoint Russell and ciara have the “perfect” relationship. She “leveled up” by getting with him but all that glitters ain’t gold.

    Can you let us know about meg thee stallion and the future of females in rap???

    1. I would like to know as well. For some reason I feel like they both still care for each other, but Ciara would never admit it. I highly doubt if she would ever look in his direction again at this point. That would be an ultimate downgrade. I also refuse to believe this whole Russell and Ciara crap! It just seems so forced and contrived…its cringeworthy 😖. It’s like they’re acting all of the time. They only appear to be genuine when they’re with their kids.

  24. Nicki and Cardi🤔 nah they don’t care for each other. There would have to be some sort of fake behind the scenes “peace truce” like CB n Drake for that to happen. But then again, it would make sense since Meg the Stallion is getting more buzz, Cardi needs more buzz and Nicki needs some press for her career. There’s a void for a female top rapper…Hmmmmm…gotta see what angle they’re coming from with this one🤔🤔🤔

    Hopefully Cardi won’t have any more plastic surgery. Everyone’s body can’t handle plastic surgery, let alone repeat surgeries.

    CB n Drake tour…yeah that makes sense

    Future will NEVER get Ciara back…I like both of them but Future u ARE the weakest link..goodbye👋

    Chris gave the weakest I’m hacked excuse in history. He meant to do that shit. He wants Karreuche back bad. She put that Vietnamese kung pao on his he can’t stop chasing her😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    David Ortiz well…when u play with pussy, u get fucked every time😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    Apollo need to sit his dumb ass the fuck down somewhere. He too old to be getting locked up smh

    Awwww damn, Kendall done fucked the bags up for the real models with all her dick suckn n escorting she did to get to the top😂😂😂

    Madonna is my #1 all time FAV pop entertainer but nobody gives a fuck about some perv ass producer offering to sleep with her old hoe ass for a song. She done fucked n sucked everything moving during her career soooooo go to sleep Madge😂😂😂😂😂

    I love these hot takes G🔥🔥

  25. I know it’s not our business but I would like for Drake to release a picture of his son 🤷🏾‍♀️

  26. Idc what anybody say that first one is mad false nicki would && could never! Nicki hold major grudges

  27. The model doesn’t deny being with David. She denies being involved with the altercation and the cause of this situation.

    She also said, that she “has been with David for 7 years, so theres no way it could’ve been a boo of hers because she has only been with David, her and David aren’t a new fling”. Also, that “David didn’t deserve it, because he’s nice to everyone and humble”.

    David has many mistresses, one of them had a fight with her when she tried to visit him at the hospital in DR before he was transferred to the US. “Allegedly”

  28. Exactly!!!. Ciara husband took a big deal from the football !.., & is very Good to Ciara !!! She’s not leaving him sorry 🤷🏿‍♀️!!!!.. Russel is a Family Man !!! Compare to Future!!!

    1. And Ciara will go running right back into future arms too lmfaoooo y’all can believe she’s happy with Russell if y’all want to. Lol

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