September 26, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/23/19

  1. I was baffled why any company would back Jenelle after all of the bad publicity she has swirling around her. Her mother said it, she won’t learn until it’s all gone.

    I wonder if Kris is the one who asked Ray J to be Kim’s costar

    1. I don’t believe the Ray J story at all. It doesn’t make sense. Ray J is make money in his other endeavors. Jordan is not that stupid.

  2. Why tf would ray j ever think of some shit like that ? He’s desperate asf. The backlash that they both would get from that would be insane. But I’m more so worried about jordyn I really don’t want her to do anything that would tarnish her rep anymore. I want her to take this newfound traction she’s gotten from the Kardashian’s and go up.

  3. ray j still hasn’t learned his lesson about $1 million LOL the only good that could come out of that for Jordyn would be the publicity in the process and people would only be hyping it because the Kardashians are being affected by it SMH but then Again the Kardashian’s Would DEFINITELY get revenge and probably get that girl blacklisted.

  4. What’s the tea on erica mena and safaree and when are they getting married
    Did she have any work done

  5. What world does Ray J live in thinking Princess would be ok with that! He should be ashamed of himself- that one sextape was enough for your lifetime move the fuck on! And Jordyn girl don’t stoop down to that level please, it may have worked that one time for Kim but it ain’t gon work for you cause ain’t nobody falling for this sextape bs anymore

  6. IDK about RJ but I wonder if Chyna would do JW on camera? We know her 1st attempt flopped so her and JW would be the more interesting result and might be worth more than $1M++

    Ms JW needs to go ahead with the JPS plan and make it official with her g0dbr0ther and officially start the new mini rivalry between her and Kylie Scott ALLEGEDLY. This rivalry would easily trump any JCharles or Supa attention and start a whole new era of fkery on social media.

  7. Jordyn just go and post some picture with fendy produkts or something like that , so rihanna can see you and make you one of this model for her… and your carier will booming..

  8. Well, Ray J and Jordyn might as well go ahead and make that video. Because according to one of your posts, you said that Ray J and Princess weren’t going to last through 2019 anyway. Unless I’m remembering wrong.

  9. I found the information on Paula’s plPlane Crash so here it is.

    In a March 2007 appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, Abdul joked that her scrutinized behavior was caused by her being “abducted by aliens”. In several interviews given in the late 2000s, Abdul said she had been left in debilitating pain after a 1992 car accident and a 1993 plane crash that required 15 spinal surgeries and which left her dependent on pain medication for years. Also, a cheerleader accident at the age of 17 in 1979.

    So basically, Paula was telling the truth. She was went on a hiatus from Hollywood. And a person who had gotten 19 surgeries and the last one having to do with my cervical 4, 5, 5, and 7, I know exactly how Paula feels. Spinal surgery is no joke! I have two plates and six screws on my spine. They went thru my neck and recovery was rough. Also, Paula had to go to pain management. I am telling y’all. If your hands starts to go numb or your wrist hurts, DON’T GET THE CARPAL TUNNEL SURGERY! IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK! GO AND GET THE ACDF ( ANTERIOR CERVICAL DISECTOMY AND FUSION) SURGERY. CARPAL TUNNEL STARTS IN THE CERVICAL PART IN YOUR SPINE.

  10. Damn Lindsay girl lol. If she ever, ever, ever gets it together that would be the comeback of the century.

    I want Bieber to spill everything that’s really been eating at him or he can pull himself up from whatever tf this phase is.

    Nick Cage though… ew

    1. Yeah I had a friend go thru carpool tunnel and it was a nightmare. She has now found a new look on life and has started doing yoga, meditation, healing crystals. They allowed her to do physical therapy on her own because it was actually working better than what the doctors were trying.

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