July 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/7/19

  1. I wonder what the tea is on Johnny Depp. He’s a cutie but he just seems like he has a very dark life

    1. He is creepy to me. Plus, he is a woman beater. It’s probably something to do with abuse.

    2. Right it even trickled down to the characters he plays for movie roles to name a few “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and most definitely “Secret Window”. It seems to me his most sanest movie that he starred in was “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”😩😩😩 I use to think he was very good looking, but just a bit too creepy💀💀

  2. I’m soo late with the tea since I enrolled in school 😩 but I thought Bradley cooper was gay!! When did him and Gaga get together?? I just seen on google a couple days ago Gaga said she regret selling her soul!! 😳🤭. I was gonna c if G covered it, but it’s midterms! I got a lot to focus on lol I need icydk phone notifications 😆

    1. I actually liked them together. She seemed genuine with him. Well, as genuine as a Kardashian can be

  3. Dang Ayesha
    Happy for Cassie finally got away from booty eater
    And why won’t justin just go back to selena
    And is erica and safaree love real?

  4. Wait I follow Stephanie Mills & she has been busy on gram. More than ever. She spoke on that whole issue with Beyoncé & Golden State owners. Taking Beyonce side. This generation doesn’t even know who u are. Don’t make me stop liking you too.

  5. This has to be the messiest NBA Finals ever lol everyone petty AF

    Woody Allen is disgusting! I’ll be glad when him and his pedophile peers all kick the bucket!

    1. I should’ve read the comments first: great minds think alike, wanting Woody Allen to flat line already. You said it better by including his fellow pedos too

  6. WTH SteohaSte Mills clout chasing for? She needs to sit down and take care of her handsome son. She’s retired, enjoy it!

    1. Right like Giselle is even going to acknowledge her. Her comment on the situation was really unnecessary, it irks me that so many people are defending her behavior or talking for her. Why can’t she EVER talk for HERSELF because it seems her whole career that’s what others have been doing for her😑😑😑

  7. Jordyn was pregnant when he got with thristen of course he cheated. He might have lied to khloe or she might not have cared. But she knew he had a baby on the way. Still fucked up

  8. Stephanie Mills been clout chasing. She was going after people talking about Prince after he died. Then she went in on Sam Smith like she was his mother when Adam Lambert posted him saying he did not like Michael Jackson.

  9. Woody Allen enjoyed filming 8m sure. Take 1, 2, 3 etc. Its not sexy 70 & 20 year old sex scene. Grossss

  10. So Dray and Steph are buddies and KD was loyal to Ayesha and didnt cover for Steph so Dray got mad and called KD out about it and KD said so what Im not a fake n99a anyway. This is why Dray said it dont matter if KD is hurt they dont need him to win a title. Meanwhile Klay and Boog are looking for an exit from the madness since GSW frowns on them using THC but lets the coach announce he uses THC on national TV. So James is secretly amused by these gossip and is trying to convince Boog and Klay to join him in LA but once Magic quit bcuz he was being backstabbed by James under the table Klay is skeptical about joining up bcuz Mamba told Klay James wants AD to get paid 1st so dont come to LA unless he is willing to sign up to get paid less. Mamba and Magic wants to buy the team so if James and AD dont win the title he wants to have an excuse to get rid of both of them and sign Klay. So Klay might sign with the other team in LA and get his max money but he wants to see if KD will stick around GSW. And on top of this the other black coach in LA is going to be Steph father in law soon and this coaches NBA son cant stand James or Steph but plays nice for the sake of politics and family and son might sign up with GSW if Klay and KD leave. If Klay moves to LA will he get serious with Ms Jenner knowing how TT fell off when he got with Khole and James considers the Klan bad luck to NBA players. Meanwhile KD and Klay are both suffering from bad swoosh sneakers getting them injured and would want to sign with Steph sneaker company to take less contract money and stay with GSW. Aubrey is aware of all this and believes Steph is the one who exposed the Story of Adonis since James told him he would never backstab Aubrey like that even after he got Aubrey muzzled last year for rooting for GSW to beat CLE so now Aubrey won the title and was taunting Steph by acting like he was up on Ayesha the same way he was taunting Ye last year about Kim. IDK but this is some more NBA drama they dont report on esspeeenn.

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