September 26, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/1/19

    1. The babymama is ghetto and bitter you can tell she mad Nipsey chose Lauren over her.

      No one take Bobby serious and he part of the reason people call her names smh

      Ana Montana should continue paying him dust, her little boyfriend rapper she with now and her are cute.

      Does Chris new bae look like karrueche as well haha

  1. I have a picture of her and the killer from a few years ago if you want I’ll dm you it

  2. Hmmmm🤔 Is that a factor as to why Nipsey’s sister is trying to get legal guardianship of his daughter?

  3. T.I. is trippin’ you should never have your sidepiece. Getting at your wife/family. He isnt good at cheating. He needs to stop.

  4. So conflicted w Nipsey’s death, the reasons, etc. is bigger than the streets, etc.

    1. And he acts like him suddenly being all woke is gonna detract from his shenanigans lol

  5. Tiny really needs to leave TI alone because he is really making her look stupid for staying with him after the cheating.

    I don’t put nothing past anybody dealing with Nipsey’s death. Its just sad

  6. I don’t blame Chris. He’s a comedian. People act like they weren’t dogging Whitney when she was alive don’t try and act like you love her because she died

  7. This Nipsey Huddle story just keeps getting more twisted and disturbing by the weeks, smh.

    Oh Bobby *sighs*

    Please give more 😀.

  8. G, do you think NH BBM ser him up because of the photo shoot he did with LL? Why would his sister file for custody of his daughter and not his mother.

  9. T.I.’s infidelity is undermining his attempts to champion the advancement of melanated individuals. He likes big words so maybe he’ll read it.

  10. That ig model is an escort she stay on the move . During the holidays she was in Colorado with the other ig models Lewis Hamilton had at his house there.

  11. At this point Tiny just staying for the lifestyle the TI provides because youd really have to love somebody to put up with such bullshit. Hellywood i tell ya

  12. Nipsey Killin is Sad as hell! Yes he BM had a picture on her IG with the Killer in her kitchen cooking, It may be a older photo but everyone was talking so much shit she has now removed the picture. There is an interview on Nipsey did on u-tube regarding fatherhood and he clearly states that he was in jail when he found out the BM was pregnant and basically he was not with her but he wanted to always be apart of his daughter life because he understand and seen what it was when a father was not in a child’s life. He was always in the Emani’s life taking care of her. That obsessed BM is a hot mess! From the interview there was no relationship. He did not address her as his girlfriend or ex, it was my daughter’s mother. So, I’m so confused about her and other people screaming he was with her first and for 10 years. It’s a mess, I can’t wait til you speak more on this situation.

    1. There was a relationship which is why they called her his first love during the service. Also they have pictures together(the kind we used to take boo’d up at the mall) from before the baby.

  13. If you’re going to talk about the Nip story please make sure it makes sense. THE KILLER IS A NIGGA FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD. A LOT of people will have photos with him. Nip knew him too. And that picture everyone keeps talking about may not rven be him. It was like 6 years old and the back of the niggas head

  14. I’m gonna bet Rock didn’t say yeah yeah yeah to Bob… Chris KNOWS Bobby AIN’T that dude to try & Bob has people that will touch Chris

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