October 5, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4-29-19

  1. Umm why did they take him off life support? at least give him time to come back around I’ve seen it happen. Smh

    1. Did you see that story on the news about a woman who woke up from a coma 27 years later? Her son never pulled the plug (and he didn’t even have money like that) smh. Write your last wishes people, you never know what situation you may be in, the future.

    2. Right. As next of kin I defied all medical staff that told me it was best to pull the plug on my sister. I even had her transferred to a vent weaning hospital because I wouldn’t do it. She miraculously made a full recover after two months. Never pull the plug!

      1. He said drake has always been in love with Nicki since the minute he first saw her (which is sweet tbh lol) he even says that drake broke up with his girl (I’m assuming nebby) cause he thought he would get with Nicki but she was with safaree.

        Safaree never liked drake because he was always pushing up on Nicki knowing they were together which G been told us.

        ALLEGEDLY drake was the one who told Nicki about safaree creeping with amber rose not meek like some believe and that’s what caused Nicki and safaree to fight in Dallas.

        Lastly When drake starting back up with Rih Nicki reached out to him on his birthday while she was still with meek and drake and Rih were having issues so that pissed Rih off on top of the stuff G told us about again.

        I lived for that tea cause it’s always hot when it comes to Nicki and Drake!!!

      2. Ooooooh! Thanks I just said ohhhh out loud hahaha. So that’s what happened to Nebby! The Good Ones Go…

        Nicki might take him serious now since he’s more dark. But she’d kill his brand, and they’d break up anyways. Smh

        I think her new one is about to mess her up royally. I’m not sure how, but I think she won’t recover from it.

      1. Yeah but she’s back at Hollywood unlocked with Jason lee the person that tried to have jet gone smh… now I’m thinking like tf she going back for knowing all this.

  2. Heaven Hollywood damn sure got my attention 👀👀👀👀👀👀 he suuuuuuure ringing the fuckn alarm‼️‼️‼️‼️ But On a serious note I pray he stays safe while doing it but HE SURE GOT ME TUNING IN lol

  3. John Singleton family situation is down right DISGUSTING HEARTBREAKING, EMBARRASSING and just down right FOUL 😔😔😔😔💔💔💔💔

  4. So this article from years back with the former cop talking about cctv cameras that caught 2 people going in the room while her assistant was gone, and a separate article where her assistant Mary said someone else had been in the room with Whitney while she was gone. The bruising & injuries on her body from coroner’s report do not add up at all. Hope Ray J was not involved if any piece of what the cop said is true. If so karma will come.


    1. Keep seeing them everywhere and Them Braxton sisters niece which is they only brother they have daughter has died wonder wat that’s all about cause she was to young. then i wonder about John Singleton like if there was foul play…the guy that was killed that was a activist…lord it’s just to much goin on 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. I missed a lot of it but I did hear him touch on the Ray J./ Whitney situation, I listened to a recording on YouTube of Ray J saying a lot of negative things about Whitney…I’m not convinced that he really cared about her. I never liked Jason Lee. I get nervous G, when I hear you and Heaven talk about certain things… I appreciate the risk y’all are taking

  6. I saw an interview with Bobby Browns sister and she basically confirmed Whitney died literally fighting for her life!!!! Something def foul went on 😔 heartbreaking

  7. I want to know the back story about Kim K’s robbery was it really a 3 year set up from local robbers in Paris or was it the Illuminati sending her and Kanye a warning?

    I want to know the backstory of Terrence Js accident, who was really in the car with him?

    I want to know about the backstory to Beyoncé’s backup dancer, was she being used as a sex kitten for bey and jay and is she still alive after coming out with the witchcraft accusations ?

    I would like to know the backstory about Khloés dna test about her real dad, Khloé and her mom decided to eventually not open that envelope on the show, talking about it really doesn’t matter bc Robert kardashian raised her as his daughter😧?

    I would like to know the backstory of why Christian Combs was mad at his dad Diddy? Did Christian accuse his dad or someone else for his moms death? Also, did her bff Ebonie Elektra know something we don’t know. Her posts about Kim porter are so heart breaking.

    Last but not least. The back story to Suge Knights last interview about Tupac, he talks about how the guy pictures in the hospital didn’t look like Tupac, the guy looked very much taller, and so many clues about him being in a foreign country.

      1. Shoot! I want to know about Terrence J too? Who was in that car? Him and Golden Barbie must have broken up over it?? Kim K’s robbery is complete BS…girllll please…the fakery SMH.

  8. It’s not unbelievable that Ray J got anything from Whitney, cause he’s been mad hungry for game and riches. ..

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