September 30, 2022

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72 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/3/19

  1. He has a girl in Atlanta. She works in the service industry (catering). He pays for her apartment. Bought her a BMW. I know this for a fact. She keeps her job but he keeps her a kept woman. This has been going on for years.

    1. Can we see some receipts please? Anybody can spill tea to be honest 🤣🤣 I swear I’m not being smart just haven’t heard anything about this

    2. Steph? Is she light-skinned? Does Ayesha know? She was bitching about groupies to Jada on Red Table Talk?

    3. This is why I’m here lol. I had also seen someone say that Steph has cheated in the past, I think with that light skinned groupie that was sitting front row at the games that one time and brought attention to herself. Not wishing folks the worst, but I put nothing past no one, especially in Hollywood.

  2. I know this is off topic but can you find out how accurate this tea is? Allegedly Joe Budden was smashing Maddymorebuckss and a few other chicks as well.

  3. So question on this whole Britney thing. I was a walking past a newsstand and saw a magazine, maybe People or Us had a cover with Britney with he headline Free Britney. If this whole thing is being conspired by her team, why is info being leaked. Is the media not in on her team’s plan? Or are they also concerned? I hope I’m making sense lol

  4. Can you explain more about the Kimmie Kakes HIV part? And I suspected as much about Ashanti. For someone who hasn’t dropped any music in years, she stays globe trotting and in clothes

  5. Well dang Tamar lol. But she was so hot and bothered over “Lagos” 😂.

    Poor Britney. After seeing the updates here on the site I finally saw one of her VERY recent pictures with that boyfriend. Britney is literally in another world. She doesn’t look good.

    Why Steph Why!!?? I was rooting for you. Dammit man. Another one bites the dust 😔😔😖😖.

    Ashanti girl, we are about to enroll you in somebody’s University. You can 👏 do 👏 better 👏!

  6. Ashanti yachting is nothing new…. hasn’t she been seen hanging out over in Dubai for several years now? Monica on the low with what? Hopefully not bi… damn that shit is so old tired and played out…. but then again Queen Latifah was her manager in the 90’s (Flavor Unit), she’s friends with Missy, she’s friends with Tiny and Kandi….so hell birds of a feather…. but hopefully not true… the girl on girl shit is old….if Britts is being held against her will it’s up to her fans to save her…and through the power of social media they will…Steph Curry may have cheated but it would be great if it turns out he never has….Charlize and Angelina are weird….

    1. How is the the girl on girl old? Lol it’s people’s preference not fashion trends 😂😂

      1. It’s actually kind of impossible since it’s your own blood and the virus doesn’t survive once it hits the air for more than a few seconds. You’re not sharing needles with people like heroin.

        That idea has been debunked.

    1. Damn , vampire facials i would never put blood on my face ……. wait i thought it was your own blood

  7. Lordt say it ain’t so🤦🏽‍♀️ I just Love when G brings that tea!!! It’s always hot!!!

    1. I know Kim had the facial done, but honestly anytime you are messing with blood and blood products you run the risk of contracting a blood born pathogen…people should research before hopping on any trend..

      1. Its your own blood. So you’re saying that getting blood work done is also dangerous? I’ve gone to conferences about those equipment and the needles are disposable. Your plasma is what it is used for it. These 2 women most likely already had the virus and want to blame it on that.

  8. I know this off topic but…..

    DID YOU SEE THE NEWS ABOUT JOE N CYN SPLITTING UP???? You said they wouldn’t get married YOU SAID IT‼️‼️👏🏿👏🏿💯💯

    Hats off to you once again G ❤️❤️

    1. Joe doesn’t seem interested in anyone but Joe. Cyn spoke their demise into the universe when she made that controversial comment about “Latinas get treated better”..God keeps us humble and our words always come back to us.

  9. Celebrity men cheating is so tired, like immnever surprised at any of them. If I was Ayesha I’d be getting some on the side too. All these goodie two shoes types are THE WORST. I get it’s cute for their family image but industry marriage could never remain normal IMO.

    Man Ashanti yachting….. hahahahahaha so funny that she started this. Like why now boo. U didn’t sell out just to sell out like this? She’s so beautiful and seem “low key” to most….. once again it’s the ones u never believe.

  10. Kim K and her vampire facials.. smh.. her and Sandra bullock uses them. That’s why you can’t go by anything celebrities say.

    I bet my retirement money on Stephs cheating. At some point as a wife or girlfriend you come into this with your eyes wide open and say I’m going to accept ALL that comes with this because you have to know that chances are he’s going to cheat.

    Ashanti has been low key with her men for a while. She plays the game right and if it wasn’t for instagram you really wouldn’t even know or see much of her.

  11. Are the rumors about Steph Curry true?? It hasn’t been confirmed for what I’ve seen? If there isn’t anything, why is there still rumors of him cheating.

    What does this HIV thing mean????

  12. I’ve been reading about Ashanti being a Dubai porta potty for years now. Sucks because I like her. Hope all that ecoli seeping into her blood stream and getting smacked around by nasty Arabs is worth keeping up with a certain lifestyle and feeding her fam. 😢

    Charlize probably isn’t lying but she needs to hush. She’s lonely as fuck too.

    I’m getting ready for that Steph Curry sugar lmao. Ayesha and her “good girls always win” trope was bound to smack her in the face someday. So many of these church girl types are so delusional and clearly don’t know men but have nerve to hate women who are realistic about them. Well, she ain’t going anywhere anytime soon so I’ll enjoy the stories in the meantime.

    1. That’s so gross. The thought of wearing someone else’s blood on my skin freaks me the hell out. Whatever we put on our skin literally is absorbed into our bloodstream. People loveto forget that our largest organ is our skin. This is crazy how she got bad blood in the first place.

      1. First of all, it is your own blood and it’s actually your plasma that it is re injected to regenerate cells. Y’all believe stories without really researching. HIV doesn’t survive outside of the body for more than a few seconds. It was 2 ladies and they went to Mexico so who knows what they really did and if they already had it.

      2. It should be their own blood but it’s not done by license people properly or someone has lied on there documentation about having HIV.

  13. G, you are the MVP! You called the break up between Joe & Cyn. Was he reallly tired of her. Or are the rumors true that she’s nasty (don’t like to clean her house or self)

    1. Well he did come out in a video embarrassing her and she had clothes all over the floor and dirty dishes. He was complaining about she was messy. Her sister was there and they were too busy drinking wine and doing her hair. He had to go clean.

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