October 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Is This The End For Britney

  1. I subscribe to Mary, so I watched it earlier. It’s so tragic listening to it. And to know that she’s going through it all for her babies! It’s just so tragic that when you enter this whole game you never know that you’re involving the whole family. And our babies … We would die for them!

    So she’s literally suffering so that her babies can not be harmed or taken away, and that’s just crazy. These people are evil. I really hope she’s able to get out, but it doesn’t seem like she will be able to at this point. Just tragic.

  2. You can tell that Brittany is a good person who was forced into this life unlike someone like a Giselle who is just pure evil. The energy is very different. It’s always the good ones that get sacrificed. It’s terrible that her entire life was full of torture. She had no life. She didn’t get to enjoy her childhood or motherhood.

  3. I can’t watch that & I will continue to pray for Britney

    Major news outlets have picked up the story & there’s a huge protest in LA on Monday

    It’s way too obvious @ this point if they take it there now

    Her team is trying to block the #freebritney movement on SM & it’s not working

  4. I’m soooo sad for her. I dont think I can watch. I have a frog in my throat just thinking about everything she has been through 💔

  5. Britney and Amanda Bynes are sad ones for me. 😪 G, idk if you already did it, but can we talk about the Amanda situation and the encrypted code she did for Dan when he left on the 7 million payout (I think it was that) from Nickolodean.

    1. I figured there was something on it, and found it… but would love a re-cap on it.. crazy thing, prior to that coming to light, I remember always being so disturbed by the feet… It was very bizarre and disturbing to me

  6. I think other people are starting to speak out. I saw a video posted an hour ago about someone saying she is being held against her will. I tok will send prayers for her

  7. I just subscribed to her. This is the second time she has had me hooked. I feel bad for Brit, I really hope she’s able to make it out alive. It makes me sad to think she has to go through all of this, and she’s doing it for her babies.

  8. I hope God takes her out of this terrible situation either way not to be malicious but his way is best and maybe she will finally be at peace.
    Don’t worry her dad ex husband will get theirs God doesn’t blink or sleep

  9. I grew up on Britney Spears and i always felt so bad for her deep in my heart and now that I’m an ADULT and I see all this going on IN REAL LIFE to her just makes me CRINGE.

    Btw, THANKS TO YOU I TOO HAVE BECOME A HUGE FAN OF MARY 40!!!! I love her so much and I pray for her like I pray for you G so hearing what you guys are telling us, it hits hard 💔💔😔😔😔😔 god bless Britney 😔😔

    Also I wonder how old her boys are now? I know her kids are like teenagers by now right? Almost gone cause she been had babies I wanna see them.

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