October 5, 2022

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36 thoughts on “The Real Reason That Nicki Minaj Parted Ways With Her Managers

    1. I can’t help but roll my eyes everytime meek is mentioned next to Nicki now! I said it when they were together and i’ll Say it now HE WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF HER! He was in her ear with BS And he was starting mess behind the scenes and in public and then hiding behind HER fame! He started the negativity toward her cause people dissed they bogus relationship but mostly his corny antics. Look how he does her now…tries to act unbothered but throws subliminals, kicks it with her enemies, and speaks shady on her but acts innocent. Now everyone wanna love him and diss Nicki when she gave him a platform smfh. Honestly wish she wouldn’t have dated that man trying to get back at safaree cause look at the karma. She should’ve just kept it cute cause he was waiting to capitalize 🤬

  1. Sometimes I feel bad for Nicki but then I remember the way she’s carried herself over the last 6 years and she was always putting other women down but is the first to call victim smh

    1. If you read the blog you would understand that Nicki has been set up so many time to look like the bad guy. I ain’t even a fan but I myself even see that every beef has been brought to her. What women did she bring down she literally had beef with Kim which they were both guilty I love Kim but let’s be real she was kinda jealous

      1. Exactly! Nicki deactivated Lil Kim so of course she’s gonna hate Nicki and think she better than her, but At least that was something of a legit beef because of all the behind the scenes drama that had nothing to do with music. But it’s funny how we see the same thing happening with Nicki and Cardi. they don’t like each other and Nicki don’t think she compare enough to take her spot which she kinda doesnt. At least Nicki is a real rapper that took the spot of a legend, Cardi has writers for her and probably contributes the bare minimum to take full credit.

    2. When did she put other women down? Yall makeup so much shit. She wasn’t kissing ass so she was putting women down gtfoh. She doesn’t owe not one mfer a thank you, what she accomplished was on her own

  2. I love Nicki and no one is perfect especially in Hollywierd. She has been taking punches for over 2 years left and right from these jealous bitches. Enough is enough, praying that God gives this strong black woman room to breath and be great.

    1. That’s right!! I dot understand how people who don’t know her personally don’t like her based on someone else’s opinions or dealings with her.. you’re a fan!! Why are u invested in her personal relationships or business relationships? Be a fan and go!

  3. I will forever support and love Nicki! I don’t go off waves, don’t care who popping at the moment, I love artists for their talent…. same with Chris Brown, TI, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Usher, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Monica and Brandy. The way this industry works now is bulllllshit!

  4. Can’t wait for the rest of this tea. Always wondered wat was going on..to me she hasn’t been poppn or made good music since her and Safaree broke up..

  5. Is this a part of nicki being deactivated. I feel like ever since she broke up with safaree things hasnt been going well for her.

  6. It all started when she was rude to a stylist, an intern, a production assistant, to Lil Kim. It might take YEARS but the energy you build karmically is eventual reciprocated. She needs to run not walk to rehab.

    1. are you dumb WE had people are not perfect let’s not sit here and act like WE included yourself have never been rude to nobody plus WE had people always have our reason

  7. I wish she would pull a Rihanna…leave the music and capitalize elsewhere…she’s beautiful and she can act (my opinion)…just drop features and mix tapes…

  8. I said Nicki needed new management and PR last year. I posted on this site as well. The stuff that was happening made no sense ( Safaree with no non-disclosure, Queens radio, not dealing with her health, her social media presence and her fan club, not making things right with Drake) and countless other things she needed a new team. Nicki unfortunately is very head strong so whomever takes the reign has to be just as headstrong from the beginning.

  9. I’m glad she got rid of the people around her. Hopefully she will find a team that has here best interest at heart.

  10. All this has been so crazy since the start of the end for her. One thing I will say is, Nick has been fighting and fighting HARD. Hopefully she can figure something out to end her career on a good note. At least end it with everyone realizing that she is the best female rapper, LYRICALLY.

  11. People always claim she has a nasty attitude or that she had beef with a lot of artists but every single time, someone else started it with her. She never really starts it with anybody, and Lil Kim was just as guilty as Nicki Minaj. Miley Cyrus deserved to get checked. I would’ve checked her myself if I ever were in the position to check her for the BS she said. Generally speaking, I’m really tired of the industry coming for Nicki Minaj and even more tired of people not thinking for themselves realizing that the industry is setting her up to look like a bad person. People constantly drag her name for no other reason than to gain some attention, but Nicki is the problem?
    This woman proved for 10 years how fucking talented she is, she went toe to toe with people who are considered rap legends, only for people to turn around and say she has to prove herself again and again?

  12. Nicki needs a vacay by her damn self. No outside influences, no boyfriend, just alone time to think and figure out what she wants to do next. She’s always talking about what a boss she is but I think she’s way too easily influenced by others and makes bad decisions without thinking.

  13. Yo I just wanna see Nicki win one last time😫 So painful watching all this shit happen to her like fr fr her legacy can’t go down like this😭 I can tell she trying so hard to pick up a win( coachella set with Ariana & now this summer tour with CB)but it’s just opening more doors for her to be sabotaged!
    I agree she should’ve apologised and her people should’ve pressured her to apologise knowing the type of powerful people backing Miley! I knew there was more to her parting ways with her management

  14. I want black people, especially women, to win. I wish things were seen in a light where everybody can eat. The conflict pits the artist, fan – which are mostly black – against one of another. It don’t sit right with me. We all need to do better.

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