August 16, 2022

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35 thoughts on “#FreeBritney Everything I Told You That Is Happening To Britney Spears is Happening

    1. No please don’t say this might be her last year on this earth I wouldn’t be able to stand that poor woman being offed simply because her corrupt perverted a** father wants to not only make money off his daughters trauma, but run freely with others perverts 🤮

  1. I love Britney. She was a huge part of my teens & such a sweetheart & I honestly think I’d break down if I listen to that podcast just reading the cliffs has me in tears

    I pray she makes it out alive & safe. I literally have added her to my prayer list. It breaks my heart there’s nobody there that can help her or stop this.

    Britney has a strong fanbase & I hope these leeches & monsters don’t get away with this

  2. Father God surround Britney Jean Spears with your Angels and release the arrows of fire upon the enemy in Jesus Name </33333333333333 :(((((((((((((((

    "for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”


  3. Da this shit is so dam sad like wtf wrong with these ppl…wat started all of this with the MK ultra, clones, and illuminati???

  4. My heart aches for her 😟😔 she doesn’t deserve any of this smh. I will keep her in my prayers and pray she escapes this torture.

  5. Wow!!!! This is beyind sad….it’s tragic. I posted this in the other post but ill ask again. Where was/is her mother?

  6. That’s so sad if this is true why isn’t anyone stepping in to help Britney like her sister or mother why are they letting this abuse continue ?? It’s been years Britney can prove she’s able to take care of her kids I think she just needs the support from her family who aren’t using her unless they all are .. what about her sister did the father abuse her to we never hear about her

  7. Where is the father of her children, why would he allow this to happen to the mother of his children, they need their mom. So Sad

    1. Yeah my question too!! They are just watching her literally die slowly! How?!?!! Was he paid off? And I’m sorry if you already mentioned it G but this is too sad she doesn’t deserve to go out like that and she is legit fighting to save her kids smh what will happen to them? Are they gonna use them too sorry so many questions.

  8. We need to form a prayer circle for Britney Jean. This is horrifying and she doesn’t deserve this 🥺
    Does anyone know of any podcasts that talk about the same topics as G? I know about black child. Are there anymore?

  9. What info about britney did the father use to get control of her life? Her mental state? I mean if she blows her money let her she made it. Sounds like he knew if she was “sane” he wouldn’t be apart of her fame and fortune

  10. Lord please please rescue Brittney jean spears any way that you need to just take her away from this pain. And Lord I know you don’t blink or sleep I ask you in your own time get these monsters visit her Lord please
    In Jesus name amen

  11. So I just went back to an article that you posted from 2018 with your interpretation of the Kanye / CTG interview. I had to go there b/c I didn’t want anyone bent out of shape when I asked what’s done at UCLA. So, on that search, I found it! (Thank you.)

    Anyway, my question is, if there’s so much with these artists (i.e. them refusing to take their meds and all the other stuff). you mention it with Brittany and Kanye. What’s keeping them from replacing them? Do they not have clones? That’s a huge part of all this that I don’t understand. If it gets to the point where they’re having breakthroughs, thus becoming a risk, then why are they allowed to continue in the form they’re in? This I don’t get.

  12. This is so scary and sad… i wish she could just disappear somewhere safe with her kids. Does Kevin Federline know of all this?

  13. Why wont they let her go???? If she is unhappy just cut her loose. I’m sure she is scared and damaged enough not to say anything and live in peace with her children. I just dont get it.

  14. Please don’t say this is her last year. This just makes me so sad. I’m literally crying. All of this is so tragic.

  15. I’m going to have to listen to this when I’ve got some time. I just hate this. She has been going through this her whole damn life!!!!! Why don’t they just leave her alone???

  16. My heart hurts for Brittney. I looooooved her growing up! She was my favorite entertainer, I feel so bad for her 😔

  17. someone give a synopsis of the podcast cuz i dont think i can listen when i wanted to breakdown crying too watching interviews where she cried. i feel so bad for her

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