October 3, 2022

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33 thoughts on “The Truth About The Kylie Jenner/Jordyn Woods Situation

  1. I believe Kylie also helped her change her physical appearance… Let’s be honest… she was not that cute 2 years ago

      1. Yea.. but Kylie paid for her own transformation. Kylie paying for Jordyn’s was an investment.

    1. Sis, I asked too. Never got a response 🤷🏽‍♀️ I say we just go ahead and sip the tea and leave well enough alone.

      1. everybody wanna edit until its time to edit Number one I tried a few of yall and yall was trying to charge me these outrageous rates another thing is This is a 24 /7 blog as soon as I need yall I will hear a bunch of excuses of why you can’t edit. I do not have the budget to afford what a lot of you are charging. if the editing bothers you that much do it for free and be available 24/7 Sick of yall coming for me the information is written that bad that you don’t understand it or you just want to pick?

    2. I would honest to God would do it for free but there’s two things stopping me. One, I don’t own a laptop or computer to work on. Two, I have an autoimmune condition that would limit my availability. If I get the laptop I will offer my services for the free when I’m not sick. Plus I won’t be an asshole about it so there’s that 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😩 For all you risk, the least we can do is help you out with some damn spelling errors ✊🏼

  2. I’m gonna do some googling. When all this first happened i had to go to Jordan’s page cause i ddnt even kno wat she looked like🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. The truth is a hard pill to swallow and some ain’t gonna wanna do it. You really hurt they feelings when you said she started dressing & acting like Kylie lol they gonna come with the “kylie acts like a black girl and Jordyn is one! She doesn’t need to copy her blah blah blah”

  4. Not trying to argue but the last paragraph and the basis of the post is basically what a 360 deal does. The label (Kylie) invests resources into you and your career, and as a result, any deal or monetary gain that comes as the direct result of that investment, the label (Kylie) gets a cut of.

    The words “360 Deal” weren’t used, but Kylie’s deal with Jordyn is essentially similar in theory even if it’s enough differences to separate the two.

    1. Kylie smart this is what Paris should’ve done to Kim. Kylie not about to let Jordyn Kim her she wants half of everything Jordyn gets rich off because she is the reason why Jordyn became Famous it’s the truth. I knew she was broke ain’t no way in hell she that rich if she living up all over Kylie house including babysitting Stormi she can’t afford her own place she needs Kylie to stay relevant. Kylie opened doors for her and she’s gonna make sure Jordyn knows that for the rest of her life if she wants to continue the rich lifestyle

      1. True. I’m not saying it’s not deserved or justified. Kylie gave Jordyn most of her initial clout and even the clout that Jordyn is getting now is on the basis that she was a friend to the Kardashian-Jenner family in the situation with Tristian. If she was just a random smash and not a Family Friend she wouldn’t matter.

        I do think everything G described as a part of Kylie’s terms with Jordyn strongly mirrors what a 360 deal is between a Label and their Artists. So I get that G never called it a 360 deal explicitly, but I don’t think any of the readers were necessarily wrong to call it one, either. Based on how G described the situation, it matches what we know a 360 deal to be.

    2. incorrect a 360 deal states they make money off you no matter what you do going forward that is not what i said

    1. You want the lies as long as it makes them look bad right? I cap for the truth. if you want the lies there are plenty of pages

  5. G I don’t understand why people come for you anyway when all you do is give us info that most of us wouldn’t even know about if it weren’t for you. You’re one of the most unbiased blogs I’ve ever come across. They need to chill seriously if they can’t see that they just don’t want to.

  6. Ok then Tyga made Kylie and tyga said so himself. Kylie wasn’t popping or given any type of attention until she started dating Tyga. Black men made the whole Kardashians .

    1. I can’t do anything, but agree with this. He had too. He was the one who told her that she needed culture. Chyna started coming around she started jocking Chyna. Kylie got a whole new face and body. Where would she be without her new face and body? It seems like that’s what gave her confidence.

  7. Omg people are so dumb like I read this like where is the lie and how can anyone try a one ‘rewrite history these are the facts

  8. I wonder if this was all just their way to put test Jordyn out on the yacht “market” idk? And mr Smith was warning her about going down that road, and mrs Smith would rather bring Jordyn into their situation, or even link her with Sire or August instead? Who would be a better “madame” for her mrs Smith or mama Jenner?

    Is there any sugar about Kylie dropping bombs on Tina-she career over her dating Ben the NBA player?

  9. Speak it G cause its plain and simple don’t know why ppl like to test things how they want to.. .💯💯💯💯

  10. Basically G is saying that Jordyn is popping because she is Kylie’s best friend. And Kylie is popping because of her big sister Kim who was popping because of Paris. Paris brand is her parents hotel chain. Kim is popping because of a sex tape, Kylie is popping because of a lip kit and Jordyn is popping for being Kylie’s best friend and co-partner in the cosmetic industry.

  11. So that’s the reason WHY Kylie still follows Jordyn on Instagram!!’ Got It! Makes sense… That damn Kris Jenner, taught her well..,,

  12. Well while Kylie may have not invented her style behind Jordyn, it is a fact that Kylie stole her whole style from Heather Sanders (a black girl) because kylie was once wack too. Before those lip fillers and body enhancements she was very blah too! So lets chill with goin in on Jordyn

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