September 26, 2022

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19 thoughts on “As We told you Iman and Teyana has reportedly Seperated

  1. I feel the most bad for Junie in this situation. Poor baby, I hope she don’t get dragged into this mess

  2. Yes. Iman is too soft for Teyana. I knew that shit wasn’t gonna last. No matter how much in love they seemed. And also it seems like I’m all of her shows, she has a women on stage.

    Oh well Iman.

  3. They seemed to be so in love but i guess looks are deceiving. These beard relationships is just krazy🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. These people are crazy having babies just to uphold an image. That’s completely insane. The best thing anybody can do is live in their truth. SMH

  5. People should learn to live in their truth and never accept less. I hope the can stay cordial for their daughter’s sake.

  6. I want teyana to live in her truth. Be with a woman and raise your daughter. Nobody believes she’s happily married. Every time folks get on reality TV they marriage goes down the drain

  7. Wow the fronts that people feel they have to put on for social media kill me. I’m so glad I’m regular I leave first time not giving out no more second chances for anybody to do me dirty.

  8. Iman been cheating with a lady from New Orleans. So half the city figured Teyana had to of known lol she had to do was call the hotel he stays at all the time in NOLA. The staff had to sign a non disclosure but let’s just say the side hick and him go out and be in the hotel like it’s not a secret and they try to do group dates so it doesn’t look crazy. The whole beard thing would explain why his wife never popped up on his ass or publicly outed him. I thought her reaction was wayyyy to calm when the pornstar pregnancy rumor came along.

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