October 5, 2022

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28 thoughts on “G Told You!! Pusha T and Others Accuse Yes Julz Of Having Sex With Lebron and D Wade

  1. She’s a whore and she does what whores do. Savannah shouldn’t leave her husband over a this bullshit. Shut her ass down.

  2. I actually hate niggas like him. They are so stupid and disgusting in their antics. Then want black women to cape for them when shit hit the fan. No go look for your Julz, those bitches don’t care about your black ass. If u can give them a platform they’ll entertain you until they good enough to move on.

  3. What I’m still trying to figure out is what they see in her? But most of all why did Murda Mook ignore the blatant disrespect towards black women from her? Bron can find plenty of women I hope he doesn’t continue on with with her especially after al of this.

  4. I always knew that Lebron’s perfect Family Man image was bullshit. I saw the other posts G made about Lebron cheating in the past and I never had many doubts about that.

    Usually when a celebrity’s image is TOO perfect to where there are no flaws, and they are that big and successful, there is something going on that is hidden. It’s even like that in normal life, the people who promote themselves as the most perfect or highest quality people usually has something within them or hidden somewhere that proves otherwise.

    Lebron’s image with the Black Wife and Black Family and doing all these things for the Black community is great PR, but that image is damaged if his Black Wife isn’t enough and he looks for White Women to fill that void. That completely contradicts the image he has.

    I personally wouldn’t want any Black Woman I know basically being a PR tool to promote Black Love while their Husband is swimming in White Women. That’s extremely disingenuous and will make her look like the biggest fool if there is ever damning evidence that he did cheat.

  5. Pusha is doing what a lot of men do…gossip. Dudes always talking about us girls spilling tea, but they do the same. The only difference is their delivery. And people like to think it is the gay man who always spills tea… LIES 😂. Some of my best true tea has come from straight men lol.

    If LeBron don’t want his mess out there, he needs to stop screwing hoes. See how easy that is. They can’t talk about nothing they don’t have. If Pusha isn’t talking, someone else will. That goes for ALL these sloppy azz celebs.

    1. You not lying I have a few cool dudes and they have the best tea not even off no gossip stuff it’s just some wild stuff people do out here man.

  6. ME as a black woman despise these black men they look for opportunities to disgrace their own women that’s why I don’t care if the cops are killing them in high numbers. Smh

  7. Bitches love lying. Hate black ppl but quick to fuck and suck black dick. Bitch bye. Don’t lie on yo pussy girl. Whatever u did, OWN THAT SHIT. Or don’t respond at all.

  8. When LeBron played in Cleveland, his cheating was an open secret & one of us in one way or another knew at least one person he’s dealing with on the side & what he was doing for them. At that time though, many of the women looked similar to Savannah

    Savannah used to be in denial early on & claim there wasn’t cheating, but several receipts were provided to her & either she knows & doesn’t care or purposely pushed for LeBron to go to LA so she can get a larger divorce settlement by living in Cali once the kids are grown

    Ppl would talk but the cheating stories would never make national headlines & to some extent ppl held back on a lot of things LeBron was doing as long as the Cavs were winning

  9. This chick Julz been problematic from the JUMP I never understood the hype with her and she’s shown multiple times how she’s a culture vulture. She must suck a mean dick for these BLACK men to still associate with her disrespectful ass

    1. Exactly this! I don’t understand why men continue to fuck with this racist bitch. Idc what anyone says if you use the N word in a derrogatory way and are not black you’re a fckn racist.
      Why do these men continue to fuck this bitch ( and other bitches) who have been ran thru by half of the world? I just don’t understand that logic. Why continue to give this bitch clout ? There’s a billion other white bitches who look just like her and probably arent problematic.
      It’s disgusting all these black men let her bash all these black ppl even after she’s dropped the N word. You can’t come out and apologize for that like no there’s no fucking excuse.
      Also, I would be so mad/offended and disgusted if my husband cheats on me with this bitch and still associated with her. I’m killing 2 or 3 mfrs. Savannah and all them other bitches who stay are stupid/mentally challenged. I’m taking ALLL your money bitch. Embarrassing me cheating on me with dusty, musty , crusty, ugly ass used up Becky FOH.

  10. All this stuff is coming back to him. There was the picture when Lebron was on vacation with Beyoncé and her cousin Angie, and someone commented on the thread saying that Angie and Lebron had something going on. I like Savannah, but it’s not worth all that. Their son is garnering a lot of attention, so she could literally enjoy his bag that’s about to come in, in a few years. Plus the divorce bag.

  11. No we don’t and that’s on her body lol wtf can we do to help her rich ass? NOTHINGGGGGG LOL SHE’LL BE IIGHT

  12. I just have one question why was boul so hype ? They was lookin at him like 👀 my nigga it’s not even that funny relax they gon see you. 😂😂

  13. All imma say is if the black men sponsoring her didn’t push her out there… she would’ve be where she is🤷🏾‍♀️ I can’t blame her for taking advantage of suckers.

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