September 26, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth About The Mowry Twins and their S uccess in the Industry

  1. I would love if you could somehow make a list of celebrities who didn’t sell out.
    And lmao @ pastor

    1. I sat in on the real talk show when it started. Tamar and Adrienne were really engaging with the audience. Tamera wouldn’t even look at the audience. She came off really bitchy.

  2. lol at Adam wanting tia as if they aren’t twins lol he probably thought he could get some a** from
    Tia more than Tamera haha

    1. She was, she just got kicked down from being Maid of Honor to Matron of Honor. Tamera gave Maid of Honor to her best friend since she made all of the pre-wedding events.

      1. I know that.. I used to watch the show, I’m just confused on why she’s saying she wasn’t there at all

  3. I’m glad they didn’t sell out. I never wondered about them honestly, I thought their good girl image was too good to be true cuz all the goody 2 shoes I know be really on some next shit lol. But glad to know they’re pretty much good girls.

    Anyway, on another “didn’t sell their soul” note….I was listening to 2chainz latest album and in one of the songs he mentioned he didn’t sell his soul, so I looked up his “net worth” and I’m guessing he didn’t. Idk why celebrities that haven’t sold their soul make my heart smile.

  4. I am so glad you’re doing this about them because I never thought they were innocent and angelic as they like to portray. I always felt that Tia was selfish but she is the one that is mostly successful. It doesn’t look like they are as close as before even though they are married with kids but it seems like they live separate lives. I follow both on IG. FYI-Tia was in Tamera’s wedding. She wasn’t the maid of honor as Tia was pregnant and focused on self.

  5. I wonder if they regret not selling out though like do they wish they had more fame and money ? Hopefully not though knowing what I know bout the industry now I respect their decision.

  6. Well I am glad they didn’t get witchy. Sure, more money and fame SOUNDS nice. But in the end, we ALL know who TRULY holds the keys to that… And it ISN’T the celebrity.

  7. What does Tamera see in Adam basic azz? He is a 45 supporter & I have a feeling he has a fetish…

    1. He is not that good looking but he seems like a wonderful hands on dad with their kids..based off what I see on IG… Tamera seemed like she was desperate to get married. She did not want to let that man go

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