October 6, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is In The Answers

      1. Right there’s no real attraction between Stedman and Oprah How can it be when you only bring him out during events and award shows😏😏😏He’s like her showpiece basically😕

  1. I figured Denzel and all them big actors were in on it too b/c they have played in all kinda movies and always have big roles in them as well.

  2. I was Also watching growing up in hip hop la and was listening to Master P talk about how it’s alot of evil ppl in this world and stuff on that topic so i figured he was hinting at the Elites and wat they do to ppl.

    I also Watched love and hip hop Miami and that chik Jojo was sayin how Amara put roots on her and she has to go back home to her father so she could do a ritual to get it off her..her father is supposed to have all this money..is there anything on that chik and her family??? I aslo Notice that the guy Bobby Lytes Trina cousin has been throwing it up too. Wats going on there??

  3. Quick question I know this is off topic, but have anyone saw Adina Howard’s Unsung on TV One special? 😬😬😬All I can say is WOW😦 They even revealed the whole her, brandy, and wanya situation

      1. All the way😂😂😂 I just wish it went in depth a little bit more, but of course this is TV😕

      2. It was so many articles in the headlines written about them I bet Brandy didn’t like this nor Wanya. This situation is not good because it makes people revists the topic of an underage Brandy and Wanya hooking up, which you don’t need in this Me Too era movement🙅🙅🙅

  4. I’m glad you mentioned the Boule because I’m still trying to figure out what the difference is between them and the Elites. I’m guessing that the Boule is the Black version of the Elite. I’ve heard, but not sure, that they adopted some of their practices from the elites and have implemented them.

    But how do we know which artists go on the elite side and which ones go on the side with the Boule? That’s a big one for me.


    1. From my understanding, the Boule is comprised of the Black Elites in Hollywood and Entertainment, probably Sports too.

      So basically a sub division of the entire Elite system with Black People.

      1. It’s not just entertainment… business, politics and any type of black person of influence, along with prominent fraternity and sorority members as well

  5. As close as Oprah and Tyler Perry are, I’m surprised that they didn’t just get together to fake a relationship since they’re both swinging for their own teams.

    And as far as Melyssa Ford keeping her mouth shut. I thought that people that were part of the elite were well off. I never got that vibe from her. Just kind of got the vibe that she’s always going to be tied to being a video girl. But do they not all have wealth and status? Or do they just grab random people? Because I thought, and in watching Mary’s YouTube, that they mainly go for the people that have the talent so that they can manipulate them any way they wanted to.

    1. Right he might got a lil something on the side. They both could be beards for each other like some people say about Nick Jonas and Priyanka. I doubt that he wasted all his years, but then again…who knows because look what happen to Cassie


      1. Na I want to see her speak on it! The gram free💁 this isn’t. Still waiting while everything and everybody else gets what they seek 🙄

  7. I feel as though Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have a thing in common. They can’t grasp how their replacements are not on their level when it comes to talent😎😎 They had to work harder, while their replacements got it easy. I feel they would probably adjust to it better if the replacement was somewhat decent enough😕

  8. Does Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth on This is Us) have anything going on with Sterling K. Brown (Randall on This is Us)? He’s married to Ryan Michelle Bathe.

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