September 26, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Industry Parties – Inside The Mansion Of A Well Known Celebrity – Part 3 of 3

  1. Woww…. Ray J gang raped a girl?!?

    Reecey Aguilera -???
    Fred – Floyd
    Dollar – 50 cent
    Carol Housley – Chelsea Handler
    Larry Olsen – Lamar Odom
    Koko -Khloe
    Brianna – Brandy
    Jay – Ray J
    Asia – ??

  2. I really hate when we have to figure out the name to some of these I have no clue, but good tea anyways.

    1. Babe we don’t want no lawsuits for our girl so this is how it’s got to be with the real shit. Let’s just chill with the code and read the comments if you don’t get who it is x

      1. Babe you aint got to explain to me why it’s done, I know already I still can have my opinion on it., and Im always chilled.

    1. Good question! She did say her girl left her in a party and it was a popular singer/rapper and his friends?! I wonder if it was her too?

      1. jessie woo became known about 2-3 yrs ago. So its not her and this story took place a while ago in the early 2000s

  3. We waited too long for got only that. Do Rihanna came? Do Beyoncé came get drunk et did bad thing ? We want all the shit

    1. In the last article, she stated that jay z shut down Rih & B coming to the party. So they did not go.

    1. I think you’re right. Part 2 states they “broke up after years of her denying it” I don’t recall her publicly claiming him outside of the photo they took together for promo

  4. I THINK these are it. Not sure.

    Maria Carey

    Floyd Mayweather

    Floyd’s girl Sharice
    Shantel Jackson


    Ted Shipp
    Tom Cruise

    Kathy House
    Katy Holmes

    Jasmine Luna
    Jennifer Lopez

    Steve Spiffy Holmes
    Sean Puffy Combs

    Carol Housley
    Chelsey Handler

    Ray J


    Larry Olsen
    Lamar Odom

    Khloe Kardashian

    Reecey Aguilera
    Rosa Acosta

  5. That took a turn at the end . I’m not surprised but that is so fucked up niggas hang out with rapist 🤮

  6. OMG!!!! These celebrities ain’t shit and just get away with all kinda stuff smh..Ray J …ugh!! I met Him one time and he was rude!!

  7. ANOTHER great story Thanks G on and dollar is my bae and my head u SHOULD of broke girl code bcs I wanna know what that D about 😅😅

  8. Ray J is just bad news. i feel sorry for his daughter..I never realized how out of control he was..

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