October 2, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Monday Pr Diaries ” Shaq Diesel Edition The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Dam Shaq…he’s not even attractive to me..big goofy looking ass🤷🏽‍♀️😂 but i guess it’s about the money

  2. Well I guess he did blackball her music career 🤐…. I mean these men get away with it because of their money. A lot of them would have absolutely no chance without it.

  3. Dang and I liked Shaq, personality-wise, I always thought he was funny. Guess everyone puts on a front for the person they truly are.

  4. Ok i don’t get it, if all these athletes just wanna sleep around and have multiple women y do they even get married.. just stay single 🤨🤨

    1. Because that is what selfish men do. It’s not even about the status or who he is..Men who displays such behaviors are usually selfish.. It bites them in the ass sooner or later. It always do

  5. I read in Superhead’s book how she was dealing with him and he got her a condo and a truck, and had a gps bug on the vehicle. She said he was very controlling and that he had a lil shrimp. Bloop!

    1. Damn idk why but I always assumed that the taller a guy was the more they would be packing. I think I saw some BS articles online where they tried correlating penis size to either height or hand size.

      I guess it’s either you got it or you don’t

  6. G, does Shaq always use protection or does he enforce abortions because he’s been with plenty of chicks and his only children are his first daughter and his kids with Shaunie.

    Mary Jane (from above), Sophie (Drake’s baby mama) & Sarah (a chick from Bad Girls Club) all starred in Memphitz-produced “Real Mistresses of Atlanta” – that thankfully never aired outside of YouTube.

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