October 6, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Monday Pr Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Heard the similar things… only thing I didn’t hear was about the Booger Sugar! When she got with Ryan THATS when she tried to change her ways… 😒

  2. Oh wow Eva is something else cause I’m most definitely not sucking nobody dam toes…ewww but they can suck mine tho lmfao

  3. Yes when she did press with Will for Hitch overseas she and he would tongue each other down on the red carpet. 👀🤦 I was embarrassed for Jada even though it has been heavily rumored that they swing.

    This is news to me but it doesn’t shock me about her unfortunately

  4. Denzel is so possessive over his side chicks. Damn. I always wondered about Eva because she’s not a very good actress but at one point she was everywhere.

  5. Whew…the disrespect!?! To each his own but there would be some major relationship evaluations going on with me if my man was out here slanging it to his coworkers I do not care how long we’ve been married or how much more money he makes than me, how famous he is or whatever tf he says to justify this bulls**t. Hell naw Denzel.

  6. She admits she was on more than that coke… But something tells me that was part of her “getting IN” she was ALWAYS beautiful…but in some of earlier movies you can see she didnt look like she does now… Plastic surgery…but isn’t that always the case? She also wasnt pressed to to be locked down. Not because of freak shit but im gathering because she knew ALOT of shit want real. I dunno.

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