October 3, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Tuesday Hot Takes 2/26/19

  1. I wasn’t buying Safaree and Erica at all. So it doesn’t surprise me that you say they won’t make it to the altar. And it’s a shame too because it seems like Safaree really likes her. I just got 1-sided from them the whole time.

    I can’t wait to hear this other name involved with that pervert Robert Kraft.

    What did Gloria Allred say about LL that he needs to sue her? I’m so out of the loop.

    I think the Chilli and Usher reunion would be a nice one. I always liked them together.

    Hopefully you’ll cover when Jordy goes on Jada’s show because I don’t see that show at all. Don’t even know where it airs or anyting. I keep forgetting to look it up. And Jordyn’s numbers have increased on Instagram. So they’ll probably just continue to go up. Me personally, I’m glad she has the Smiths behind her. Because a lot of the comments on that girl’s page are disgusting because people stan so hard for those Kardashian and are so invested in what they have going on.

    1. It’s on Facebook usually Monday’s but her episode comes out Friday. Just google Red Table Talk if you don’t have Facebook and it will pull the episodes up.

  2. I never believe anything about these reality TV couples. Almost everything now is fake for you to tune in when everything has already played out on SM months ago

    Everyone knows the real deal between TT & Khloe. They’ve BEEN broken up a long time let’s just say I know ppl too & the story they’re trying to sell to keep up appearances wasn’t it

    I don’t know whether or not the Jordyn thing is a stunt for ratings or another case of them once again destroying yet another black woman’s reputation once their done being friends with her but I do know Jordyn’s close with the Smiths & refers to them as aunt & uncle & im sure Will & Jada are not scared of any threats from the Klan

    They always have a platform when they’re done with black ppl & want to smear their names without owning any of their roles in the mess but now want to play victim when someone else wants to tell their side of the story

  3. Whose involved with this Robert Kraft thing? I want to know nowwww

    Jordyn is idk to me it’s a weird vibe like she in a trans or something

    What you mean shut down was he too high or something? What else happened at the party

    1. You are so right! I’ve noticed this too. Even when she takes pictures she has that same lost/ out of it expression on her face. She puts me in the mind of a robot or something. Very pretty girl tho!

  4. Jeremy Meeks is a tweaker. Those of us from back in the day in Stockton been knew this. We were all shocked he became a model. Ask him bout those TVs he stole from houses in Weston Ranch.

    Safaree needs to stop trying to be a man by dating women with masculine energy like Nicki and Mena and just get it together himself then find a nurturing mommy type.

    Perez Hilton just said Jordyn got threatened with legal action 😂😂😂 damn G you are psychic!

    1. This why i get conficted on the Kardashian’s they never admit what they do. Kyle did the same thing with Blac Chyna. Jordyn should start playing house with true and thristan to make it fair. Khloe was the sister who defended her. Khloe does the most dirt. No one cares she just had a baby. Tristan was having a baby with the other Jordyn when khloe got with him. The Kim talks about fashion nova stealing her style like she steals styles all the time. They all do.

  5. Also G could you provide some insight to the Jussie Smollett case because nothing I’ve read so far makes any sense.

  6. Jadas best move is to keep Jordyn close. Shes a virtual goldmine of info. Jordyns best move is to grow close with them. Jordyn might get sued, but lets see who wins. Her year right? I think so. But 34 yr old Khloe keeps attacking a 21 yr black woman who just did a khloe to her, shes getting a brand hit for this. I buy ALL Jordyns stuff now and have never and will never buy a KardJenner nothing, dont watch their show, nothing. That girl is 21. Im so not with that, and so glad Jada stepping in.

  7. How did Jeremy Meeks shut down? I’m kind of lost there.
    I thought Mena was pregnant which was why there was such a push to get married. If not she had some serious bloat going on
    Joe cheating on Cyn would be crazy considering the backlash she’s gotten about how she said black men treat latinas better. Just to turn around and getting cheated on. SMH…
    I could’ve sworn Bradley was gay! This has gone on long enough!

  8. What happened at the Oscar party? And what’s up with Solange she has a lot of symbolism in this latest magazine spread

  9. I am not here for the Usher and Chilli reuniting consider the facts he has negative news following him the last year. It will be weird.

    I thought Bradley was gay. Can he just come out already

    i dont care about any Kardashian news. i hope we move on from this as their drama is . really not entertaining

  10. I don’t know, for some reason I want Joe and Cyn to make it.

    I like Safaree and Erica seems to have gotten better. But yea, I figured those 2 would not be legit married.

    When more big and rich names come out in this Kraft scandal, I won’t be surprised. These old rich men are pervs.

    I honestly don’t feel bad for Jordy. The same way I don’t feel bad for the others involved. You wanna be a hoe, then deal with the consequences. This is exactly why I say if this girl(Jordy) did this to help prove a point to Khloe, she is a dummy. Your name is being dragged in the mud sis.

  11. So Usher doesn’t really have herpes? I don’t think Chilli would go back if there was a chance he did and I never believed he did anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I’m here for them getting back together bc I always loved them as a couple.

    Jordyn: idk what’s going on with that situation but I don’t believe she actually did it. Can’t see her betraying her BFF after all these years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she says something about possibly being raped and not being able to remember anything 🤔

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