October 5, 2022

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68 thoughts on “Saturday Hot Takes

    1. I knew this was coming for Nicki. She just need to retire and disappear. She made enough money. Nicki dont look well at all. Canceling her tour would be the best thing for her to do.

  1. I can’t feel sorry for Nicki, she’s not kind. Maybe this will prompt introspection.

    Why should Tristan behave. Their juju slippin’. The Kardashian’s formulas to success 🤢🤮

    I always thought Teresa was messing about, she can’t be alone/needs to be adored.

    Tom Brady cheating on Giselle? He must be crazy!

    1. She should use that as a reason for canceling her tour. Like Janet Jackson did that 3 years ago. If Nicki is preggo. I think she is.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for Nicki at all! She portrays a nasty bully like mentality persona so, BYE!

    Tom Cruise? Sly Stallone? Arnie Scwhninbfvdgyga? But my money on Tom

    Couldn’t give one flying F bout Giselle & Tom B

    I’m Team Jordyn, these Kartrash/Jenner/Haqq bitches been sleeping with their friends men/married men… KARMA! Tristan wants out because Khloe (allegedly) smells like ear backs 🙂🤦🏾‍♀️ JK,JK!

    1. How is she a bully y’all really STUPID if you read this blog you would know that she has been set up a couple of times to make it look likes a bully

      1. If you were here from the beginning you would know that her nasty attitude was one of the reasons for her current downfall. Y’all stans mad pressed for someone who’s going to hell anyway for selling their soul 🤷🏽‍♀️

      2. Are you dumb what nasty attitude. If you read the blog you would know that she being blackballed be she didn’t want to sign to a record label

    2. But Cardi talks bad about black women. Cardi is no better than Nicki Minaj. But y’all dum asses praise this hoe Cardi. B a fake rapper. G got some dum ass bitchs on this blog. Real talk quavo is Cardi baby dad, not offset. She was fucking both of them. Nasty ass bitch I will never support her. Offset only marry her for money. He never care about her. And he’s still fucking around. Why should he be faithful to a hoe.

  3. I stand with Jordyn.

    They need to leave Nicki the f*ck alone! I hate what’s happening and admire her strength.

    The way so many are into sex trafficking and child pronography is disgusting. I’m surprised the outrage isn’t more from the people. Because since we know that this shit is coming from high up, and everywhere, there should be more to take these fucks down. They’re preying on helpless children, and helpless women.

    1. Nicki Minaj should have listen to G and strat working and acting in movies. The music industry is done with her. They will mess with her until she break down.

      1. You’re right! They stay trying to break her with failures and humiliation. I don’t believe they will stop until she accepts it and stops fighting back.

    2. Yes that’s what’s going over people heads about this human trafficking thing it’s like they don’t see this shit.

  4. I wonder how does Jocelyn (chantel jeffries’s bff) feels about her sponsor getting caught up in a prostitution ring lol

  5. I’m truly disgusted that twitter is making jokes about Kraft instead of trying to dig further into what’s actually happening with sex trafficking! I hope he’s the first of many to be caught.

  6. I really feel sorry for Nicki, I feel like she minding her business and staying in her lane now. Why cant they just leave her alone?

  7. Unfortunately karma doesn’t visit you on your timing. Nicki may be trying to mind her business now, which I doubt, but it appears she’s being forced to due to her sneaky antics coming out the closet. She’s a bully on the low and the kind that throws rocks and hides their hand. I’m not judging I’m just calling it how it is.

    1. First of all the Remy situation was fake Nicki never did anything to her that’s how the hate train got started all this stuff has been planned to get rid of her. If it was Karam she would have already been done

  8. I’m honestly not mad at jordyn maybe now we can see more of her personality. It’s going to get messy with chi though but whatever

    Nicki please just go ahead and retire your fans riding with you either way. It’s embarrassing to see now

    You can tell Tristan don’t care.

      1. What’s her backstory? Who are her parents? They have to have money, if they’re that close to the Kardashian’s

  9. I think Ariana got something to do with Nicki’s deactivation. She just seems to fake and phony to me. I don’t think Ariana is Nicki’s real friend. For all I know she’s probably one of the ones throwing her under the bus. But I can be wrong IDK… I just don’t trust that friendship.

    1. Naw Ariana loves nicki. Some of these celebs are in group chats with their huge fans like Cardi Ariana and etc. Ariana genuinely loves her even when they are in town together they go work out together.

  10. I’m tired of the industry coming for Nicki. They have to do all that just to deactivate her, how fucking pathetic. Its honestly sad 😂 they really don’t want her to be great… and instead are giving us an industry plant

  11. If Jordyn Woods, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, Trina, and Lauren London or just Jordyn, Blac Chyna, and Amber come together and formulate an alliance, Oooooooowwwwwweeeee…. Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Malika will be some fuck bitches!!!!

    1. I am here for that. They need to slow down with the digs at Jordyn because I’m sure she knows some dirt, they don’t think she knows.

  12. G off topic did you hear about that blog that got paid off by cardi and offset . The blog apologized and said it would never post anything negative about them 🙄

    1. I’m wondering too…especially since that family picture was posted, with Precious as the backdrop. Beautiful pic, but how long was that picture planned and how long has P actually been dead…

      1. Exactly and Way before they announced her death they were posting as if she was dead already and their celebrating just like diddy and his kids did when kim died.

  13. The comments that say nicki is a bad or mean person kill me like y’all know her personally 😂😂😂 most people that know her has nothing bad to say about her. Y’all have been listening to all the lies put out about her for so many years that you started to believe them. More people love than hate her & that’s why they really mad. People saying she’s mean as a justification to her getting deactivated like it’s personal. Did G not tell y’all this is what happens to women over 35 anyway ? Yes it may be a bit personal for some involved in the take down but stop putting it all on her being a mean person. Their has been nasty things said about multiple people y’all love I never hear y’all say that shit about them. Only cause it’s nicki it applies here.

    1. Exactly! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Only ppl who have negative things to say about her are her haters in the industry and their followers.

      1. Period they’ll never convince me otherwise. So many other people in this industry have had countless bad things said about them. No one ever seems to say they’re gonna get karma like they do nicki. She’s always the only one exempt im sick of it.

    2. How do you know they haven’t signed a NDA or how do you know what she has or hasn’t done. I’m not justifying anything but same way other people don’t know if she’s evil you don’t know if she’s not. Ijs

      1. I said the good outweighs the bad never said she was a saint at all. I’m damn sure not. I know everyone may fall short. But for people to talk about her like she’s the first one in this industry anyone has ever said anything bad about is sickening.

    3. Omg! The whole 35+ women age discrimination is disgusting!!!! Why doesn’t it apply to male entertainers? I’m 49 yrs old, and I stay on point, however, we as women get a bad rap as we get older! Such B.S.

  14. I hope jordyn & chyna do link. But I also hope that the Kardashian’s don’t have enough power to try to blackball jordyn in the industry. I know she already has a couple ventures hopefully they just leave her alone. Then again I still think it’s fake I put nothing past them.

  15. To whoever said Kraft was involved with someone in music, could it be Jay and Meek? They’ve been in the news a lot lately too

  16. The way some of y’all will cape for Nicki through thick and thin is nice but ridiculous when y’all act like she never did any wrong or is 100% innocent in every beef she has.

    Deactivation or not, she’s had a lot of public beef with people, too much to truly be unproblematic, and even if I were to believe she isn’t the source of the beef/drama, she sure does welcome it all in with open arms.

    Between her dissing females that came before her, the shady way she got Kim out the paint, her calling Kim a nappy headed hoe and comparing her to a Monkey and her trying to victimize herself in the Cardi/Motorsport situation when the entire issue came from her subbing Cardi in the first place, I’m done with her antics lol. She should’ve listened to G and got into acting.

    1. Everybody she had a public spat with came for her first ? Is she not supposed to defend herself ? Y’all kill me. Y’all never acknowledge wht someone did to her first y’all only ever see her reactions and make yall judgements only off of that.

      1. Nicki is no saint and neither are the others, too bad she doesn’t have enough whatever is required to stop public karma from heading her way, she is reaping what she sowed for so long, probably thought her hype would last forever.

      2. When did I say she was a saint ? Y’all just keep talking about her like she’s the fuckin devil. So many people in the industry still fuck with her. Genuine friendships too. So y’all keep tlkin bout oh it’s her karma this & you reap what you sow. I hope y’all have the same energy for everybody else who did some so called evil shit. 🙄 but y’all never do. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. G I want to know, since it is pretty much set up who becomes famous and etc., how do they decide it? Like when Lil’ Kim went to jail, were they already looking for her replacement? Considering Birdman’s high position, did he come to the elites directly and tell them Nicki was ready to take her position and then someone at Atlantic did the same to Nicki with Cardi?

  18. I wonder if deactivation will mess up any chance Nikki has in Hollywood, the designers seem to still love her so hopefully she can still do fashion shoots.

  19. Omg i immediately thought of G when i saw that Nicki’s show was cancelled! I feel so bad for Nicki! She shouldve taken your advice G while her reputation was still intact, now they’re gna destroy her bit by bit and it’s gna be so painful to watch 😭

    Lol @ Brady and Giselle.. i was just ‘perusing’ their IG the other day lol. They seem happy but hey what is social media if it’s only but perception

    Jordyn and Chyna linking up lol im here for it 😂

  20. Its so funny and pathetic to see comments about Nicki being a bully when you dk a fk thing about her🙄.. I can’t stand the patriots so let there dirt come out and maybe they’ll stop buying the superbowl.. Giselle into witchcraft sooooooo she should know what he’s up to so this is interesting.. DC abt the kartrashian setup for ratings but chyna and jordy should be friends..

  21. Nicki only had one cancellation in Slovakia though. All of her shows in Poland and Germany have been sold out🤔 Just because the blogs are not posting the tour doesn’t mean it’s not doing well. That’s just trying to push a narrative to make it seem she is not as big anymore. No other female rapper is doing what she is doing right now with her own headline tour. But I do like that she’s not on the blogs as much anyway. Way better that way ou of drama

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