October 5, 2022

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55 thoughts on “Tuesday Hot Takes 3-5-19

      1. still shouldnt matter bc her mother is into bisexual men or flat out gay men

  1. I wonder how it’ll make Khloe feel to know her baby sister give more af about her friendship then her siblingship.

    1. Probably how Kourtney felt when Scott cheated on her for the world to see (REPEATEDLY) and Khloe insisted on being best friends with him still…🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Scott was around that family for YEARS & created close bonds with a lot of the family. Tristan was around for maybe a year or two? & didn’t seem that invested in the family.

  2. Kylie should be friends with Jordyn. It’s been stated that Tristan kissed HER. She just handled it wrong in the beginning.

    It’s about time!! Diddy, what goes up must come down.

    I’m really disappointed there making this documentary after this long, like let the man rest in peace. The industry is corrupt af

  3. Kylie knew there’s no way as a best friend she didnt know Jason Lees fat ass is the one who needs to stop egging shit on I’m not shocked they’re still friends it really wasn’t her fault khloe just find a dude who isn’t your ex and who doesn’t have a cheating history

    1. Yes his fat neck razor chin lookin ass keep egging it on and nobody not even talking about that nomore

  4. Mmmmm, don’t think Khloe, nor family/friends were happy with the interview based on what comments came out afterwards from Khloe and her stylist, Hrush.

    The Smiths are wealthy, talented and powerful Hollywood even more so and stood up for Jordyn, which helped to back them down. I really think they backed down because of ALLLL of the backlash from them cyberbullying Jordyn and the hypocrisy of what we REMEMBER that they’ve done to others!

    1. Thats it bc if we wouldve fucked with them they wouldve never stopped…you know white women love to be victims

  5. Jada was being fair

    Kylie and jordyn should be friends again fuck it, at the end of the day Kylie was helping tyga with king even after all that soooo who cares fr.

    Diddy is getting more Annoying you can tell he worried

    Meek letting them feelings show that’s cute lol he still annoying

    Poor Brittany I feel bad for her, her dad is a huge dick for the shit he’s doing smh some parents are not good. How’s her sister do they communicate?

  6. I like Kylie, from all her sisters she’s the realest one and would want Jordyn back because somehow I sense Jordy keeps her level headed… that’s her bestie and rock…

    Khloe can kick rocks… what goes around comes around- karma

    1. Right Kylie is the youngest and seen so much bullshit so her carrying herself like this is what I like the most she play a little but more to herself and have a normal life I thought it was khloe at first but she ehhh to me always was too emotional for me.

  7. I would expect jordyn n Kylie to become friends again 😊😊 n Diddy???? I’ll stay tuned lol

  8. Those girls didn’t want anything to do with Kylie until she started making all that money. And until she started coming into her own. I remember a lot of the side comments from the old episodes that I used to watch of KUWK. I would even go so far as to say that Jordyn has probably been more of a sister to her than they have. But I’m all for them keeping their friendship.

    What I respect about Kylie is that she seems to be humble. It seems like she could do with or without the show. Seems like she’s got more of her dad.

    French Montana needs to realize that he’s too light skinned for Khloe. They like that dark meat 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Bruce always seemed like a good, solid dude even with the insecurities and demons he was facing regarding his transgenderism.

        It seems like the Kardashians and Kris especially just ate him alive to the point where he couldn’t do it anymore. The way they would talk to him even on the show was extrem disrespectful.

        Bruce is also another example of the Kardashians playing victim and painting others to be the bad guy when exes tell their truth. Bruce told his truths about his experiences with Kris, and Kim/Khloe in particular just jumped on the situation, played victim, and cut him off. It’s wrong for ANYONE besides themselves to speak about their experiences with anyone, that’s why Khloe lashed out on Jordyn like that. It’s the same way she was acting on the show when she had all these problems with Bruce/Kait.

  9. Of course the Kardashian’s would say they don’t have a problem with Jada, however their actions say otherwise. When most of them find time to post on SM daily, they were very quiet except for Khloe. That was the true response. They thought they could do the norm and get certain media outlets and sites to use their false information to slander her, as they’ve done in the past. But it backfired. I can see Kylie & Jordyn remaining friends.

  10. I can see Kylie and Jordyn staying friends. honestly though, I thought this was some sort of seteup on Tristan so Khloe can finally leave him and to get more views for KUWTK. I remember you did say Jordyn will have a big year. I was expecting it, but not like this lol.

  11. I can tell Diddy’s high is depleating. his IG is really telling, if you pay attention. It’s cringey as hell

  12. There’s a lot of ppl on payroll with Diddy… they better start job hunting… or get a bus pass. And his oldest kids better find some type of work… that money about to declined… at least Quincy got a job.. the others need one

    1. yup and it looks like he’s trying to get the twins into modeling…calling them “Diddy’s Angels” 🤢 idk how to take that, but from what I read on here, that don’t sound right.

  13. Why wouldn’t Kylie be friends with Jordyn again?! She didn’t sleep with Kylie man so 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Go to https://www.mjinnocent.com for more info.

      From what I was able to gather, Wade Robson wanted to be a head dancer for the Michael Jackson Dance Tour that they did shortly after he died. He got rejected, so he began writing a book on the low and shopping for a book deal. No book company would take it. In the midst of all that, he was also running out of money to where he had to sell a lot of the things MJ gave him to stay above water. From that point, is when he originally sued MJs estate for Millions and began publicly claiming he was molested.

      It was only after Wade put out the first suit that the other accuser made an identical suit and also began claiming he was molested. The courts threw the cases out because there were too many inconsistencies in their stories and the statute of limitations ran out. For example, I think Wade said on one end that his Mom had to help him remember his abuse because it was repressed, then on the other side will say he never forgot his abuse. Then I think he said that MJ blocked him from dating girls, but MJs Neice came forward and said she dated Wade for 10 years and it was MJ who set them up to be together.

      I know sometimes real victims will have inconsistencies with their recollection, but the type of inconsistencies he told specifically look more like straight up lies imo.

      It seems like these two are clout chasing and using the sympathy of the Me Too movement to rouse public support. People in society instantly label you all sorts of things if you don’t automatically believe an accuser’s story, but the timeline behind this doc being made is too suspect, and when you put it with the 10 year FBI investigation where they found ZERO evidence of Mike raping/molesting any Child, I personally have no reason to believe them.

      Now, if more people can come forward, I might be inclined to believe it. But, it’s telling that out of the thousands of kids that MJ spent some type of alone time with between the early 80s and early 2000s, including people like his nephew Taj or Corey Feldman who were victims of sexual abuse, and only 2 people with questionable histories are saying he did anything, that tells me he wasn’t the pedophile that he is painted as.

  14. I know Jordyn considers the Kardashians to be “like family” but couldn’t she have sued Khloe for defamation of character? Before Black Twitter had to show Khloe the error of her ways, Khloe stated Jordyn was a homewrecker (in so many words) in reference to a man she’s no longer with.

    Do you think the relationship with her and Kylie is genuine or just damage control?

  15. Um y’all know nicki man is t allowed on social media right like he doesn’t have a page or anything

  16. It was a kiss. She should be friends with her again. Had we not dragged Khloe and them to filth they probably would not have stopped.

    What is Diddy no longer doing that he’s losing money?

    That whole MJ situation. Just a no.

  17. I think we need to stop with the Kardashian stories because honestly their story or forced drama is not that interesting at all. It sounds like they rip off all their drama from Dynasty soap opera (80s). If you really take the time to think of it, they are some boring hoes.

    I feel sorry for Britney and hope she finds the peace and serenity she craves so much for someday

    I still think Diddy still craves attention he is getting as well from all those sad posts. i understand ppl grieve how they want to but something about his grief doesn’t seem genuine to me. It feels more like Guilt eating him alive.

    I am pissed about this MJ documentary and still can’t believe that the elites would do this to his legacy

  18. Khloe needs to just get back with French. She wanted someone with more coins that only cares about the attention of the affiliation but isn’t trying to wife them

    I pray for my girl Brit. I feel so bad for her

    The Smiths have ALOT of power & folks are tired of the Kardashians & shenanigans. Jordyn having that platform plus the backlash forced them to pipe down bc the victim act & slandering through the media wasn’t going to work this time

    They need to leave MJ alone. They’re so desperate to destroy his legacy & it didn’t work when he was alive & it won’t work now. All this was a ratings & money grab & shame on Oprah for co-signing this but mute on her BFF Harvey Weinsten. Monique really told the truth about her. More ppl watched an episode of RHOA & a repeat episode of Bob’s Burgers

  19. And Jordy would be a dummy to go back into a friendship with Kylie. Look how they played on a world level girl. Leave those ppl alone.

    Well in all fairness Diddy is in hip hop. A ageist and sexist genre. He hasn’t made relevant music in a lonnnng time. So it is only natural that he would drop a bit in status and money. The only reason Jay-Z has remained relevant is because of Beyonce(but we been saying that here).

    1. I have to agree with Jay Z remaining relevant because of Beyonce.

      Jay Z was listed as the highest grossing touring rapper this decade, but if you break down the numbers, he only ever did one solo tour, the 4:44 tour, and that was a huge flop overall. People who were at the shows even said the venues were partially filled.

      The most successful tours he did were the tours with Beyonce, Kanye, Eminem and Justin Timberlake. Pretty much all of them had more mainstream appeal than him and were the hotter artist than he was going into tbe tours. Bey and Justin go without saying, Eminem just had the hype of a huge comeback and Kanye was coming off a classic in MBDTF that won him over with the public again.

      That’s why when we talk about manufactured hype with regards to people like Cardi, I always think about artists like Jay as an example of stuff like that happening well before the streaming era. I can’t be mad at payola when Jay convinced companies to buy 1 million copies of 2 of his albums so he will be platinum on arrival, just because he could never get enough hype to sell above 700k let alone 1M legit units like other rappers have.

      He did that shit publicly and in our face and nobody challenged that lol.

  20. Why does it even matter what the Kardashian’s think about Jada’s interview, I don’t care how much money they have with not much talent and I think people put the on a pedestal only because they’re rich, with all the fucked up stuff they do, to me they hang around black people for popularity

    1. Tbh their ENTIRE clout and appeal is based off Black people either being romantically/sexually involved with them, giving them some sense of swagger, and/or both.

      Without both, they would be irrelevant and known purely as Bruce Jenner’s stepchildren/children.

  21. So we not gonna talk about T.I sacrificing his sister and how her hospital band said she was born in 1907 and she’s 112 years old 🤔


  23. My heart breaks for Brittany! What they did to her, I wonder if she will ever be truly happy. Poor women 😥

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