September 26, 2022

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66 thoughts on “Monday Hot Takes

  1. Is Remy Ma siding with Nicki because she’s trying to find a new career with media or the topic was mentioned and she spoke on what’s right ?? Like come on now that was it nothing more nothing less, we know her music career failing but what does that have to do with her speaking up for what’s right, smh.

    1. I feel exactly like this. Remy gave her opinion, if she had said something bad everyone would bash her. She can’t win in this situation. Smh

    2. Exactly. And that’s how I saw it. What kind of person would she look like to sit there and endorse BET’s dumb-ass move? She’s better than that. Everything ain’t a motive. That’s crazy. I’m not even a mega Remy fan and can admit that.

      In the same tone, Remy needs to question how she was used to go after Nicki with “Shether”, but that it was Cardi who got the push to the top. At least that’s how I saw it. Might not be an ounce of truth to it, but it just seemed super unfair to me.

  2. I wasn’t ready for Chili and Usher… I need more information please. How did this come about, is she desperate, does he really have herpes, etc.?

    1. Nope, she finally found somebody who was just like her once. When she got up with Usher, he was sowing his oates. Just like how Chilli came into the scene, sowing her Oates. Now that the both of them got done doing that, plus she done forgave Usher, and they are older, so why not?

      1. I personally think Usher is with Diddy. I don’t know that he is interested in getting with another woman!

  3. Stop it with Remy nd Cardi it’s the only thing I hate about this blog is you are very bais. Nicki situation was mentioned and she gave her opinion. If she had bash Nicki you would say she is a hater. You need to stop pushing the everyone hate Nicki narrative now. Sheesh

  4. Tiny should give no f**** with how much Tip cheats!

    Chili/Usher even with the herpes Scandal? Well she was hurt by that breakup you can tell so no shock.

    I had to google to see who Taylor rooks is and she looks a little…masculine to me 0_0 just saying

    I been felt that Remy wasn’t taking music serious anymore lowkey. I felt that she was focusing more on being a black love representation on reality TV with pap.

    1. It has been talks around Atlanta for yearrrrrrrrssss and even those amongst both of their circles, that the reason they broke up and she called what he did “unforgivable, was not because of the cheating…but because he gave her herpes. If true, maybe she is just over it now. I do find the timing to be interesting since she has a new show coming out

  5. Remy ain’t siding with Nicki for nothing, she’s a person with morals, she spoke her truth as it is, stop forcing this whole ‘Remy hates Nicki’ train. She ain’t worried about Nicki, career ‘ice cold’ or nah, she’s making her money, has multiple jobs, a husband, children & is happy…

    Chilli & Usher still love each-other, that’s evident & good for them.

  6. I like Remy but everyone needs to stop acting like she wasn’t apart of the Nicki hate train when she was the one who was in charge of starting it with shether. Plus she openly supports cardi and Lil Kim and we all know the relationship with those two and Nicki.

  7. I always thought Usher & Giselle had amazing chemistry when she appeared for his Bad Girl performance

    I remember Chili said Usher did the ultimate no so I wasn’t sure if that meant she caught him with a man or something

    1. G, that IG page (the @ginvid sent ☝🏽) has a lot of your blog entries on there . Have you seen it or are you familiar with them?!?

    2. Yeah that page is stealing. I noticed they have a link to lashed in the bio so must be a Chyna stan. So messed up that people are stealing.

    3. I just saw that!!!! She has ALL of G’s Tea on her page and not even trying to hide it. Looks like she just did the good ole copy & paste!!! G needs to go after these kind of fraudulent pages JS & we keep reporting as we come across them!!! Good looking out!!!😊

    4. Just clicked the link so I could report the page and it’s gone. Great job everybody! We don’t play about our Sugar. G, I hope you find the perpetrator and get in they @ss.

  8. G Love the site! You have to give us more athlete tea! You dibble and dabble in it but come on give us the good good on these athletes.

  9. Okay. Disagree with the Remy situation. Yeah, she might be going out for media, but agreeing with Nicki for that?! Please. She was asked, and she responded. Just like anybody else who saw that foul mess that BET did. Had she laughed and agreed, it would’ve been an issue. But she stated in support of (even though she couldn’t bring herself to address Nicki by name), and now there’s conspiracy behind her actions.

    And then you spoke “at” Tiny with her lies and how many more. What I have to say to that is if it has to do with her relationship, LIE, TINY, LIEEEE! As much as Tip has taken her through with public humiliation and she’s STILL there. Yeah, girl LIE! LIE UNTIL YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS!

    Usher and Chili. I’m here for it. Might work this time.

    LeBron . . . HUGELY disappointed.

  10. So what if tiny lying it’s nobody’s bness T.I. ain’t special.

    So is Lebron saying that savanna gonna fuck his side chick up?

    Chill I wasted years just to post how much she wants to be back with usher. I remember when she thought Floyd was the one.

    1. But what was the agreement T.I. was talking about with Floyd ? The more they y’all the more they spill their own drama

  11. G i wanna Kno more about the TI and Tiny lies cause i thought she ddnt sleep with Floyd.

    And Labron i knew he couldn’t have the perfect relationship that they put on.
    And another thing G do you have any info on Steph Curry??? Like does he cheat or he’s one of the good ones?? I’m not sure if u touched on him before.

    Also was the Shawty Lo accident indeed and accident or was he sacrificed? Was he in either he illuminate??? I’m sorry if you have touched on these people before i just recall reading about them or if anybody else can fill me in???

  12. Ok… Remy was asked a question and she answered. People evolve and grow without motive sometimes. Sheesh!

    Tekashi is DONE

    I miss Chilli and Usher…they were good

    And whomever is stealing the info from the blog and reposting it is whack as hell. G, you need to befriend some of the dark web IT folks and start finding these trifling folks. It makes no sense that they would pay theb post as if they knew the info….smdh

  13. I’m actually here for chilli and usher.. about time

    And how are y’all going to get on HER blog and tell G she’s wrong about remy 😂 chill

  14. Surprised Chilli is willing to rekindle her romance with Usher after the herpes scandals. ESPECIALLY since she seems super picky.

    Unless the herpes scandle was some sort of humiliation ritual.

    They really complimented eachother.

      1. Lord I’m sure he’s wit the illuminate too but i guess I hadnt thought about it because i havent read about him on this site before i dnt think being with the elites…So do y’all think shawty lo was sacrificed also??? Have y’all read anything on him when his “accident” happened??

  15. Chili is gonna take her chances with Usher and STD?? She has this “my body is a temple” persona. Hmmm..

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