October 5, 2022

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38 thoughts on “More Monday PR Diaries

      1. I’m not sure when my annual subscription is up? But I joined when you first set this page up, so can I go ahead and send it now?

  1. Not suprised about Latoya she seem the most ditzy of all the Jackson kids. I truly believe joe pushed a lot of self hate and coonism into those kids…but at least we only pay attention to Janet and Janet done knocked a bunch down black and white haha

  2. But wasn’t Enid the one the divorced one Jackson brother and married another?? She got a lot of nerve…

    1. I thought that was one of the exoticals Jermaine was with who had a kid with both him and like Randy or something.

    2. No, That was Alejandra Oaziaza. Randy dated her first and had two kids with her, then she married Jermaine and got two kids from him. Randy never married her but Jermaine did.

  3. I bet you my last time LeToya was saying that to Kathy Hilton. Paris was caught saying racial slura with her sister Nicki. Bitch really think she’s the exception no you just that black nigger entertainer gal. The oreo in the Beverly Hills elite group. Every white socriety has them.

  4. Interracial for whites mean white and black couples. Paula has always been racially ambitious but never black. Can’t blame John Stamos who didn’t want Vaniety she was gorgeous. Didn’t they do the same thing with Janet and Matthew McConnahay.

    It’s the golden boys and golden girls that are off limits. Even Will Smith, Whoopi, and Giselle can’t grab them in a marriage. Brad Pitt (prime years), Reese Whiterspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and John Stamos. No matter how successful and gorgeous the image with a black would tarnish the brand. I noticed that growing up.

      1. Can you do a post on Hollywood and the interracial aspect because they don’t mind black men being with white girls… you see that all the time… Michael B. Jordan etc. But somehow you don’t see black women with white men.

        I’d like to know the politics behind that.

  5. Paula Abdul is not Spanish though..She is Jewish i believe and Middle eastern.. Let me find out John Stamos was into swirling.
    Latoya is a lost case
    is Paula Abdul and Janet still cordial or friends? I assume Janet didn’t like the fact that Paula became a singer

  6. Vanity was so beautiful !!!! I hate how they always try to break up interracial couples , Also what’s up with Liam Neasson did her purposely end his career like that by making those racist ass statements.

  7. My mother has been friends with Paula Abdul since high school ….she grew up in the San Fernando valley and they graduated from Van Nuys High….Paula is middle eastern not SPANISH but in school back then she only ran with black folks she dated numerous athletes and Arsenio Hall she married and yes all of them chilled with the Jacksons because they lived in the same neighborhood and the Jacksons weren’t bougie . She was with Emilio Estevez because she wanted to be apart of that crowd

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