September 26, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Special Grammy Edition

  1. No Jay it wasn’t good for YO EGO! poor thing trying to replace Aaliyah and was hung up on Rihanna energy because it felt familiar. Must’ve seen Rih get back with Chris and had Aaliyah/Dame flashbacks.

  2. Chris and Rihanna was a dope couple with just a lot of unanswered trauma on both parts. Now I wonder how many fly Chrianna moments we missed out on because jay shut it down out of jealousy as a whole MARRIED man -_-

    1. Yeah I always found it weird how Jay never acknowledges Chris despite Chris being one of the most successful Black artists alive. Chris has lasted almost 15 years, sold 100 Million records, is one of the most charted artists ever, etc. despite everything and everyone going against him and trying to change the narrative about him. You would think Jay would give him his due, but he never does.

      I remember Jay tried to say Beyonce was the modern day MJ despite it being a common perception that Chris was probably the perfect fit for that title amongst the Male artists.

      I always thought Jay just didn’t like Chris because he beat on Rihanna, but now that I know more context about Jay and Rihanna’s relationship, it was probably just jealousy and a territorial attitude about the situation that caused Jay’s dislike of Chris.

  3. Where is Adele? Only time you hear about her is when she releases an album. Other than that you don’t see or hear about her. Seems like she doesn’t really like the fame.

  4. I’m loving all this Gaga tea! She’s always seemed so enigmatic onstage and on camera that it’s interesting hearing any backstage stuff about her, even if it’s old tea

  5. I can’t stand Jay-z always saying what doesn’t look good for other people. Boy you don’t look good enough tf. That’s crazy I watched a old video of Carmen (nas bm) and she said jay z was insecure about a lot of stuff and she knew how to use it against him. Lol where she at?!

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