August 15, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Dame Dash Continuing To Drag Aaliyah’s Name in The R. Kelly Situation

  1. Not to mention u (Dame) said she would NEVER talk about it but then u let it slip from your lying lips that he “raped” her. U lying fuck!! Did Kelly have sex with her ABSOLUTELY. .did he TAKE it.. .ABSOLUTELY NOT! ! Now the truth is. Aaliyah was gonna go to jail for falsifying a document (lying about her age) so the parents threatened Kelly with a bogus rape charge knowing it would stick. Aaliyah was the “aggressor” (sorry for the choice of word) and R Kelly is the one that felt pressured because he really loved the lil girl. Ain’t no way u gon get married without proper documentation, idk who u are. Who wants publishings knowing u could’ve had this man put in jail and everything he owned could’ve been urs? The family knew she was just as wrong and played more of a role than people want to accept. If Kelly was too old, why she go str8 to the arms of another man around the same age as Kelly?

    1. How is a man 12 years her senior not to blame ? You sound silly ! The manager admitted to falsifying documents for R KELLY TO MARRY HER! Stop making shit up like you were there fuck face . Who tf let’s a 15 pressure them into marriage at the age of 27?😩If you wanna listen to his music then do that but cut out all that lying !

    2. Oh gosh…. a minor pressured a grown man who was a predator prior to meeting her??? His manager definucame fourth and said he forged the documents. 💺 💺💺💺💺💺

    3. She was definitely older when she dated Dame. I really don’t understand how a victim who was a minor is being blamed for the actions of a grown ass man. Whatever resolutions her family decided upon was for the best at the time….. who knows why… the best thing to do was a severe all ties. That’s business.

    4. You’re fucking sick. Do humanity a favor and NEVER procreate you piece of SHIT. Literally condoning pedophilia. AINT NO YOUNG GIRL FAST ENOUGH TO ATTRACT A GROWN ASS MAN WHO KNOWS BETTER THAN HER, FUCK YOU.

  2. He’s definitely being exposed as being full of shit this week. What I don’t get is why his wifey for lifey is so okay with him constantly talking about Aaliyah and thanking her for the reason he was able to move on and be with her…It’s really weird…I bet he treated her like shit at one point!

  3. Dame clout chases off that girl name and it’s sad AF and he mad at Jay because jay bypassed him and is in a much higher position that dame probably feels he was supposed to be.

  4. DEFINITELY remember hearing about the uncut version of the “Fiesta” video back in the day that everyone was trying to see

  5. He needs to stop he’s making himself look like a clown 🤡…. shhhhh 🤫🤫🤫🤫 Dame this may not end well! 🙄

  6. I’ve always said he’s a horrible person to interview. He’s always hostile, angry and disrespectful. Now I see why he’s a liar and hate to answer questions that will eventually catch up with him #liar

  7. You know this is exactly what I been saying.. people are gonna talk and talk because the girl is not here to defend herself. It’s sick. The ones who know the truth can lie and bend it all they want to make themselves look good. But when facts come out where will you hide!?!!!

  8. Dame will point fingers and “expose the truth” all day, but won’t whisper a word about how he was cheating on Aaliyah with Rachel or how he got RR pregnant and married her before Aaliyah’s body had gotten cold. He wants to paint this narrative like he was Aaliyah’s prince, but he was probably just glad to have someone Jay really wanted. Jay literally killed 2 birds with 1 stone when her plane went down- he & Bey became industry royalty and Dame & Aaliyah became memories.

  9. G. Can you tell us how that young women is the youngest executive I can’t think of her name. I mean not how but is it any foul play

  10. Dame needs to stop. As soon as he made the 1st statement about not wanting to be around Robert because of Aaliyah and the receipts of him lying by being in the fiesta video. He should have just stopped and became quiet. He is only digging a deeper hole for himself with the constant talking.

  11. That’s crazy i want to respect him as a black businessman but he doesn’t have to use her name if he gets caught in lies. Just like anyone else I’m kinda glad jay never comes forward though maybe if it doesnt get too much attention he’ll stop talking.

  12. I don’t know how I missed this but you are spot on with all of this about Dame. This is why I mentioned the hypocrisy when you first posted the interview. You hit every point TO A TEE!! Well done G! 👏🏽

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