October 4, 2022

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44 thoughts on “I asked and I received, Everything I have been Saying On Video

  1. So my question is why don’t Chris Brown just go independent since he owns his masters ? And if this R Kelly stuff was just an Humiliation ritual did they pay these people to lie or did it really happen?

  2. I don’t know. I’m seeing some contradictions between things she says and things that are said here in our space. I’ll outline them and maybe somebody can come through and let me know what I heard wrong, or what I got wrong:

    1. This Mary lady keeps saying that Chris says he’s tired of the devil, but that he stays. “Why don’t you just leave?” she said. But then on ICYDK it was stated that leaving isn’t as easy as just leaving. That it doesn’t work like that. So, what am I missing? She even said that he has a female handler (black woman). Is Chris in or not? Can he leave or nah? Because it’s not adding up. I’m getting mixed signals–and he’s throwing up signals, the name of his clothing line as one example.

    2. She held up Rihanna’s picture and said that every time something happens with Chris it’s the image that people see in their minds, but that, “IT DIDN’T HAPPEN…” What does that mean, exactly. That it DIDN’T happen? I’m unclear.

    3. On ICYDK, I remember reading that Aaliyah’s parents told R. Kelly that he needed to do something drastic b/c Aaliyah was obsessed with him, and he in turn married Drea in order to “release” Aaliyah. Now Mary just said that R. Kelly was the one obsessed with Aaliyah, and that she previously felt that Dame was the one to off her, but that it made more sense for R Kelly to do it. What am I missing?

    There’s other stuff that she said that seemed in contradiction to things heard here, but I can’t think of them right now. Not trying to dispute any of it, just want to make sure I understand. If somebody can help, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Chris career shows you his struggle between in and out thats why hes had a series of ups and downs…if he didnt have a cult MILLENIAL following and his talent wasnt where it was he wouldve been done…but he still has that ability to bring in couns and lots of them…TSR proved with their poll that he is still the most liked r and b man…ik sure the elites had something to do with that whole king of r and b thing…just a test to see if jacquees with all his traction finally dethroned chris

    2. Aaliyah’s mom is obessed with Robert. She is one of those mom’s that is like, “Okay Robert what we getting into today?” Mind you R. Kelly, Aaliyah, Diane, and Miguel ( Aaliyah’s dad) are all Capricorns. That SeaGoat energy is very very weird to me. Now me being an Earth sign myself (Taurus) you can feel that confusing energy. Capricorn energy goes in and goes right back out. That is why those girls notice they would see Robert a couple of days at time. Robert and Aaliyah was obessed with each other while Diane was obessed with Robert. Diane told Robert to “released” Aaliyah because she too fell under the same spell and didn’t want her husband to know. Miguel knew, but he didn’t want to speak on it because Capricorns are one of the hardest signs to read on. They keep their feelings within themselves.

      1. I know Capricorn’s got some attitudes on them too and they can be mean especially the boys/men.

    3. You gotta look at more of marys videos. I believe she did one on Chris and Rihanna saying it was a humiliation ritual and he didn’t hit her. Notice how Rihanna got big after that and Chris just kept getting into more trouble. I believe Rihanna is his handler but I’m not sure

    4. You know what I noticed ?! That the only thing u do on this page is try to create ur own theories not comment but create ur own debate. If that is ur main goal here then have at it. I never said Mary and I agree on every thing I also never said that everything she points out Ian on point. I have always expressed I believe he beat Rihanna she doesn’t she thinks it was a set up and one of the handlers did it. We believe in mostly the same thing just different aspects. Everything is not going to be the 100 %the same because we don’t talk to the same people. I just found out about her less then a year ago. I been doing this going on 4 years

  3. Ok, so first of all…I Thought same when I saw his post about owning masters, but was more like wow y’all literally called it after the Rape fiasco. ( per usual) second, Mary was one of the first modern truth shows I started watching a couple years back and I love watching her. Last… Off topic and strange; don’t judge me, but her singing always triggers my ASMR lol

      1. I’ve been neglecting her a little too… when I saw this, it Reminded me of what I’ve been missing lol

  4. Well if they dont want you to have your masters why do they give them to you? Is it only for artist who make their own music? Can’t they just deny you the right? Try and hold you up legally or something? Like how they control the money

  5. I wonder if chris’ mom is his handler. Alao, is drake being deactivated? I only ask cause my fave- J. Cole is coming heavy this year with crazy bangers and i dont want him to be involved in this madness!!! Y’all heard middle child right??

    1. I doubt if Drake is being deactivated by J Cole it seems like you always get deactivated by someone younger than you I.E Cardi deactivating Nicki and Drake deactivating Jay Z

  6. And.. I was done with R. Kelly when that rape video came out. And honestly, the whole herpes thing grosses me out and once I heard Usher had it he didnt sound the same to me. I dont know what this blind allegiance to musicians is about- its stupid.

  7. Yeah . . She’s the one! She had triggered one of my flashbacks to and sent this video right over to G. Boy oh boy the 90s and the millennium are a trip!

  8. Mind Kontrol or MK Ultra started in the military. That is how me and G knows who is who and knows what is what.

  9. Yo! I just realized something! Go listen or the lyrics of Aaliyah’s, “We NeedA Resolution” & I believe “Rock The Boat”.She did give us answers.

    1. Why that song popped up in my head the other day “ I need a resolution” lol I swear it’s somebody on YouTube with the same profile pic as you and the things they comment I swear reminds me of you like not th videos I watch I say she must be on the blog

  10. I love Mary and I consider myself a pretty open minded person but I find it hard to believe that 90% of Hollywood is transgender. But hey, what do I know 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Yeah I’m still lost on the whole transgendered thing I see a lot of people say it but it’s like how I need something more than just what they say… people even say the kids too

      1. I want some clarification on that too cause I’ve seen ppl say that about the kids too. I wanna know HOW. 🤯

    2. It sounds crazy at first but they worship Baphomet who is both sexes. Also look at how many “stars” have “fertility issues” and need IVF or surrogates. It’s an extremely high number even for those in their 20’s and 30’s who usually could get pregnant easily. Or not to the extreme of having crazy fertility treatments.

  11. At this point I’ll take everything like a grain of salt. We will never know what happ between anyone.. bc none of us was there in those rooms with those people. 🤷🏽‍♀️Everybody is contradicting each other. Not taking anything from anyone.

  12. I mean its not rocket science. Take what’s valuable& leave behind what’s not. The bottom line is all the same. Mary is one person who lives all the way in Australia. some things she may not get exactly right but if you do your OWN research you’ll have a better understanding

    1. I’m very aware of that. U can research and compare notes… but if u were not there, u will never know the truth truth. That’s all I’m saying.

  13. So question… do celebrities let their children be molested and abused by the elites?? Are the kids fatal victims of the life their parents choose? Or do their parents protect them?

  14. I just wonder why would anyone want to be in the entertainment industry? All the trash they have to go through and do to be a STAR. They can keep it. Did she really say that a beaten Rhianna was staged? On that part I will disagree. That bruised face looked VERY real and VERY Rhianna.

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