October 5, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Drake Vegas Residency

  1. Thank you for breaking it down. I side-eyed it when I first saw it for the very reasons you just said. I like Drake as a rapper and I am glad that he refuses to do those rituals.

  2. Other artists should be thanking him Bc he is at the top of his game, per usual he is making it cool! Bet this open the door for smaller acts, that don’t even need to be deactivated bc they’re not that big, to possibly get the same. We shall see… I am semi nervous but would be interested to see what he refused and how big mad they are

  3. He refused a ritual??? That doesn’t sound good. Especially with people trying to attach his name to the MeToo movement. G What’s gonna happen now that he’s refused that ritual? Will we see TPTB begin the ball rolling on his demise? I honestly think Vegas is beneath him so what is the details on him setting up a future in Vegas and how is this a way to do so when he is at the top? Is he setting up future residences there? Can you elaborate a bit more?

  4. Yikes. Refused to do a ritual?? I wonder what it was…. but kudos to him. I wonder what the next move will be by the “elites”..

    1. I’m thinking the ritual would’ve had to have been a sacrifice or something…Has he ever had to sacrifice anyone?

  5. Oh well that’s is different. I was also thinking just before that was announced about the idea of residency and how it could be beneficial for an artist who doesn’t want to move around. Maybe for illness or kids. However you made a lot of key points that states that isn’t the case. Well Kanye is under mk and down with the Kardashian’s and maybe drake going to war with him is bad? Plus like you said he hinted to making a song that was detrimental to everyone. He has been trying to right all his wrongs which is weird but artist like trey song and chris brown aren’t in the elites priorities. He has been moving kinda funny. I’m sure you find out the rest

    1. I thought the residency was weird. Ive noticed t.i. quoting his song on an instagram post today ‘ im light skinned but im still a dark…” I thought they didnt get along? Didnt t.i. pee on his shoe or something at an award show? Im worried about drake.

  6. He must have refused something cuz $10mil for 12 shows is a crappy deal for one of the biggest (if not the biggest) act in hip hop

  7. Hmmm… So sounded NOT completely stoked about this deal and refusing to get witchy. In the Hollyweird way this can’t be good. Will be watching 👀.

    1. But yes regardless, of the amount of time there. I did find it very strange that ,Drake, such a huge draw would do a residency.

  8. I surely did think of you guys first G everything I learn here I apply it. Then put it together when you finally drop the sugar. I wonder if he did refuse a ritual what was it. Maybe it had something to do with his son. If it was that.

  9. IM A DAY 1 DRAKE FAN 😍😍 I’m team drake forever until further notice 😂😂

    n I will see him n Vegas😍😍😍😍 SEE YOU SOON DRIZZY!!!!! lol

    1. Agreed. I feel like he’s grown up a lot since the drama with his son. baby mother and all the people coming for his neck starting with Kanye.

  10. I thought that because Drake was Jewish that he did not have to do rituals or at least not at the same magnitude as everyone else.

  11. 10 million over the course of 2 years? That doesn’t seem right. Does alot of people in the music really dislike Drake? I really want to know. Drake is on the top of his career,why go this route?

  12. I assumed every top rapper should have a home base at an elite club, what other top nightclub could Scorpion set up shop at besides in Vegas ?

  13. G you know who I am [@Truthshakur…My Ig got deleted] because we’ve had many disagreements about Aubrey Graham the Blackface ☻Pop Star…You say he may not wanted to participate in some Illuminati Ritual. DO YOU think that maybe why it’s he and Meek Milll squashed their beef and why He and Chris Brown squashed their beef? They all happen around the same time.Aubrey been the hottest Rapper for over 8 years straight. I mean no rapper has had a better run than him.Why now tho G you think they are Deactivating Aubrey?

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