October 5, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Pedo Movement in Hollywood and Music In Plain Site

  1. I was listening to right and wrong way by Keith sweat and it starts off you may be young but you’re ready.. ready to learn. You’re not a little girl but a woman, take my hand…

  2. It’s one of those things that no matter how much we know, you still can’t fathom the sight of it. Thank you for your courage in always exposing how disgusting, corrupt and evil the whole industry is.

  3. Is the industry trying to make pedophilia acceptable or something or do they just get a sick kick out of toying with society?

    1. It’s part of the agenda. It’s sick how they’re trying to get these children to be transgender that’s part of it too.

    1. I thought that was her son and even then it was weird. But y is she kissing that boy in the mouth like that. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. I knew after watching that first episode of the r Kelly special a lot of people in the industry is nervous the metoo movement is real

  5. How was the video of Shirley temple not a red flag ? So it was just normal for a little girl to be around all those men dancing ? 🤢

      1. me too! like I never even watches shirley temple before but watching that just now was like wtf why are there only men on there watching this little girl in a short ass dress that might as well be a shirt. Gross

  6. Shirley Temple video is super weird looking back at it. I guess we don’t notice the wrongs because our minds are not in the gutter to begin with. This can definitely fool someone.

  7. Funny…I was walking down 137th st,(Queens, NY) not too far from guy r brewer blvd…and not too far from Farmers blvd (so right around his area) when a sports car slowed down, rolled windows down, and trying to get at me. I was 15!!! Thank God I wasn’t too fast👀😩I smiled and declined. It was LL Cool J. Another time I was walking down Merrick Blvd near 225th (Queens, NY) and grown man tried to holla (lol) at me…I declined again. I was around the same age give or take a year…it was a FUBU clothing founder😐. Back then I was slim, 34DD’s but tall, slim, with a BABY face. Unfortunately, this behavior is very common.

  8. Pedo’s have been around the industry since the beginning. It’s time to Expose them all and bring out everything. I never lost faith so I’m hopeful that In the future we can have true talent back without the sickness of these people . So many people have been destroyed because of these predators.. Females included ✊🏾❗️

  9. I’m happy that all the shit Shirley Temple had to endure in Hollywood as a child actress, she ended up with a great life outside of it. She was the US ambassador to both Ghana and Czechoslovakia and also the chief of protocol of the US. She did get married at 15 to a 22 year old guy

  10. I met LL when I was 17. The first thing he did was ask how old I was. He was all warm & fuzzy until 17 came out my mouth lol.

  11. I’ve always wondered why her dress was so short or why she didn’t have tights on. My skin is crawling. Throw ALL the industries away!

  12. Demi was 19 and the guy was 15. LL Cool J would have been 19 or 20 when he wrote this song. Those two I know for sure are a reach

  13. 😳😳😱😱😱😨😨😨 uugghhhhh LL!! He talkin bout eatin 17 year olds and shit! Yikes 😫😫😩😩😩 And the sad part about into the night is that they played that at my job atleast twice a night and I’d be right there hitting the notes with his ole creepy ass 😩😩😆 I never heard the beginning of the song tho. That’s crazy

  14. Whatever happened to Queenie Wallis ?
    Did Tariq smash Tasha ?
    Did Kanan fire the lil sister because she was crushing eyeballing over Ghost’s muscles on set ?
    Did Kisha smash Dre ?

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