October 3, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Decipher : Rihanna “Umbrella”

  1. I always knew this song was demonic/double meaning song because of how dark it was. It felt just like she was two people. When it says come into me, I knew it wasn’t something good. It’s like she’s asking for something to come into her. I wanted no parts of it. That album was not what I first loved about her, but I remained a fan. And especially the Disturbia song. I was addicted to that song…. “I was a teen” back then…. and then once I got older I was wondering why was I so addicted to that very dark and twisted song. Being on this page has enlightened me to how these songs are able to mess with our minds.Hope u can also decipher that one.

  2. They always play this song in stores and recently I caught on to Jay’s part where he says “The rain man is back, with little Miss Sunshine Rihanna where you at..” … creepy

  3. wow knowin what I know now about the industry it always baffles me how it can literally be a whole other meaning nowhere near to what we thought it was in the first place. They’re so strategic with it it’s scary asf. Didn’t dream write this song ? So my question to G is do these songwriters get told to write about stuff that plays into the agenda ? Like do they know they’re writing this evil stuff ? And if they do is it cause they’re down ?

    1. I been givin him the side eye since this song. Then he came out w a song called “Holy Lov and I was like 😧 bruh can’t be talkin bout no female 😏. Btw, G I’m STILL waiting on that Joe Budden decipher 😫

    2. I was going to ask this same question! Like how do the writers know what to write for the artist that plays to the agenda? The writers have to know A LOT about what’s really going on

  4. This song has been playing a lot lately on Sirius xm and I just noticed the part where she says “took an oath that i’m a stick it out til the end” how my young naive mind never caught on to this when it was first released.

  5. Also, Rated R signified her crossing over into high level ish. Russian Roulette “I’m terrified, but I’m not leaving. Know that I must pass this test.” Also, G4L “Yeah I promise I’ll stand in line, cause you know that I’m down, you know I’m down. Gangsta for life.” On Loud, the song S&M she starts off the song saying “Feels so good being bad, there’s no way I’m turning back.” I was always a really big Rih fan and over the years I’ve combed back and slowly but surely started to decipher everything. It’s crazy

  6. I’m curious to know the extent of knowledge by the writers and video directors. I think Chris Brown wrote this.

    1. My thoughts exactly, but I believe it was actually written by The Dream. Anywho I do wonder what the writers and directors get out of it since they aren’t in the forefront.

  7. I have a question. How does this work with songwriters & that this song was originally written for Britney Spears & she turned it down?

    1. The writers are all satan worshipers too. There is a small group of writers who write for the top artists. So a satanic song for Brittany can be a satanic song for Rhianna

  8. Some years ago on youtube a guy, cant remember who, broke this video down about how it was associated with the devil. Especially the pose she does that looks like the baphomet. Creeped me out!

  9. I never liked “Run this Town” Either. I literally change it when it comes on the radio.

    Feel it comin’ in the air (Yeah)
    And the screams from everywhere (Yeah)
    I’m addicted to the thrill (I’m ready)
    It’s a dangerous love affair (What’s up, c’mon)
    Can’t be scared when it goes down
    Got a problem, tell me now (What’s up)
    Only thing that’s on my mind (Whats up)
    Is who’s gonna run this town tonight (What’s up)
    Is who’s gonna run this town tonight (What’s up)
    We gonna run this town

  10. This was eye opening because I knew something was off about this ‘love’ song. Can you decipher Giselle’s ‘Halo’.. besides her and her whole nauseating bag… that song makes my skin crawl. Like, its Hallmark, vague, and ‘clean’ but stenches of underlying darkness. Oh, and ‘Girls’, the line … “my persuasion can build a nation, in this power we will devour” took another meaning once I found this IG page. Opened my eyes and ears wider since..

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