September 26, 2022

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25 thoughts on ““Decipher”: The Dark Truth Behind The Nursery Rhyme “Ring Around The Rosey”

  1. Yikes!! But now that I think about it, you rarely see kids okay this any more. I think that the closer we get to the end of the days, the less we see kids being kids. I guess I am old fashioned, because I look around it is is like a baby my kids a lot- I am grateful to God that I am not going through what a lot of parents are going through with their kids. Staying home and spending a lot of time with them has been a blessing. There have been a lot of adjustments that I have had to make since I have gone back to work, but they have adapted just fine.

  2. Yep I always knew about this for years.. I had read the breakdown a long time ago and it was so crazy… This wasn’t something I always sing anyways..Maybe once or twice when I was young If I remembered correctly

  3. Yep heard about this a awhile ago.
    I also heard about hello kitty and why she doesn’t have a mouth creepy too

    1. Same thing. Rock a bye baby was bad too. Like why is a baby being rocked on a tree top and when the wind blows the baby and the cradle falls. I wonder if that gives the baby nightmares?

  4. GIRLLLLL. I wanted to comment on your latest insta post but the comment section is closed. He really posted that video of her in red and then her fingers at the end. He totally did it. He’s just putting it out there for the elites to see. I’m so fucking disgusted.

    1. Yessss and the Masonic Temple floors. The devil horn at the end i didnt even think of her Red clothes wowwwww. Like i know he hurt but there had to be another video of her, which makes me think Him and All these celebrities know whats going on. Sad shit

  5. My great grandmother said don’t sing that rhyme around her…I asked her why she said when you older..but she passed away….thanks G

  6. I did a project on this back in high school in the late 90’s. It was so dark but I thought it was so cool. Started reading about other nursery rhymes the doctors who treated the Black Plague patients.. I made a mask an all… creepy stuff.

  7. I was just thinking the other day. Why do we say “I Love you TO death??” Instead of “I Love you TO LIFE?” When you think about it, It sounds so dark???

  8. I heard my family talking about how this nursery rhyme was bad I didn’t understand at the time I just stop singing it

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