August 15, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Saturday “Hot Takes”

  1. Come on Colin I was rooting for you
    and Christopher we’re done done done
    And question why won’t nick and privonka make it?
    and what’s up with Justin and hailey they seem like they’re madly in love?

  2. I dought saweetie would fuck with drake giving the fact he’s friends with Justin combs and Keith powers … Idk, then again that is how the industry get down

  3. I’m sick of Drake…time for him to grow up… Idk what is worse, his reckless sexual behavior, the fact that he has a kid by that lady (he could have gotten a low-key, prettier woman IMO), or the fact that he is obviously on the NM hate train…he doesn’t have to f*** with her but he doesn’t have to make it so obvious that he doesn’t f*** with her… keep it cool and moving instead of linking up with every non-NM fan…and Chris needs to let the revenge hook-up go as well…boys smh

    1. U do understand that this lady has been leading him on for 10 years? Or the fact that she been shading for at least 3-4 years now? Drake beef with her has nothing to do with the Nicki hate train she’s a bitch

  4. Who is Kylie telling “do u know how much I’m worth”?…and You pay me to come here and sit me in second row????

  5. These athletes really aren’t shit. Seriously Colin? This women has been holding you down and been by your side. Damn, SMH.

    As you were mentioning G about Nicki, she needs to leave the music industry. It’s too toxic for her now.

    Richard Gere is married? I had to look up who is wife his. Something about her I don’t like, but can’t put my finger on it. She secure the bag with him. SMH..

  6. And lastly I know the Barbz gonna go, but 🗣️🗣️🗣️ Queen was not a good album Idc Idc Idc

    Not saying she’s not a good lyricist but the ALBUM, the flow, the songs she chose, it’s just ok. Now PINKPRINT was grammy worthy. Y’all need to let it go. If the same body of work was put out by Kash Doll or Bianca or Kiyanne y’all would not say it was GRAMMY worthy, STOP IT

    But Cole got robbed. KOD was a masterpiece

  7. Chris being petty with the grudges lol typical Taurus. Maybe that’s why Offset just made that post saying n***** aint slick. hmmmm!

  8. I’m so hurt about nicki man I can’t even lie. I know you said it was gonna happen. But to witness it unfold makes me sick to my stomach. I know all the people who despise her are cackling right now. The people who say this is her karma (for what Idk) 🙄 the people who say she thinks she’s better than every other female rapper. The people who say she bullied cardi about not writing and now she’s getting Grammys with writers. I swear that’s a slap in the face to the whole hip hop culture. It’s a disgrace that old white Jews are in charge of awarding our culture. I wish black people actually had power in this world.🤮

    1. The thing is, Nicki benefitted the same way Cardi is now when she controlled the narrative during her beef with Lil Kim. The fact that she made Kim look like she was the old bitter one when Nicki was the one who had the animosity first, was the first one to throw subs, etc. is crazy when you look at all that Kim accomplished and seeing everything she did for female hip hop swept under the rug because Nicki was the it girl for the time.

      Nicki played the game and pushed Kim out, now Cardi is playing the game and Nicki is getting pushed out. I feel no sympathy for her because she shouldve known her time will come to an end sooner or later and the industry is loyal to very few.

  9. Didn’t Colin and ole girl meet in messy circumstances? Honestly shocked it lasted this long 🤷🏾‍♀️ But umm who he creeping with?

  10. I think Colin wants to move back to main stream fame, and he knows he’s not going to get it with her next to him. I think he wants to move on, but doesn’t want to look like the bad guy for dumping her. So he will keep cheating and will wait for her to break it off with him.

  11. I truly appreciate you and your vast knowledge. 😘 Doing what you do can’t be easy or even popular with some people. Good looking G!

  12. Cardi and Chris….im not gone lie…i would love to see it…both are silly…and their name is easy to match..”Cardi B”..”Chris B”…easy

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