September 26, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Season 8 : The Truth Behind The Nas & Amy Relationship

  1. This is truly a classic story of the one that got away they would’ve been so cute together and her voice omg but she had a lot things she need to work on within herself

    1. Absolutely and it seem like at first Nas was not really willing to take it there but I heard she treated him like a king

  2. Wow, just WOW! I recall hearing about Nas and Amy but never put much thought into it.

    Now G, don’t need a story now but what’s going on w/ Kevin Hart? He really seems to be on this self-righteous trip of “he’s right, even when he’s wrong/what’s wrong with people” – from his explanation of Kenzo’s birthday party theme to old tweets resurfacing being labeled as homophobic, after he’s named Oscar host. For most of his career he seemed untouchable but in a few week’s, has had a few nicks in his armor. Seems like he’s feeling himself too much. I’ll wait for more to unfold. Thanks!

  3. I always knew of her crush cuz she never hid it but didn’t know it was reciprocated. We really did miss out on a beautiful love story

  4. Wow thanks for this tea G. I always thought she had a little something going on with Mos Def…. Her music and voice touches my soul, such a loss

  5. Oh wow neither of them seem like they would be each other’s type. Guess you shouldn’t judge by just looks. It’s always sad when someone’s life gets cut short and you never got a chance to Tel them how you felt.

  6. G,

    I Had no idea about Nas and Lauryn! Could Nas be the father of Lauryn’s youngest child? They have been very secretive about who it is?

  7. I thought everyone knew they were a couple. He confirmed “Cherry Wine” is about her and they were working on a joint project before her passing. Watching Nas’ interviews when Amy is brought up his demeanor changes. He looks heartbroken but his words are soft and genuine. They had a thing. I miss Amy

  8. Wow…I think they would have made an interesting couple. Amy Winehouse passing is still heartbreaking. Such a beautiful talent gone.

  9. 9 and 14! September , the 9th month and 14 is the day. 9+1+4=14. WOW! Two Virgos born on the same day! R.I.P. My fellow Earth sign! 🕊❤♍🌹

  10. She really racist there a video of one of her ex boyfriends recording her talking BAD ABOUT BLACK PPL she ain’t shit legendary MY ASS G let me know if you want me to send you the video.

  11. Yes I thought they were a couple because of something I heard once before. Then when I heard Me and Mr. jones I said hmmmm, and Cherry Wine is a good song which also made me think. I only discorvered her music after her death though, her Rehab song was popular… but I didn’t really get into it.

  12. Did you have this up on the original IG ? I’m pretty sure this is the story that made me interested in your blog

  13. Sorry but thank god Nas didn’t end up with this talented but trashy white crackhead. He’s supposed to be woke he wanna date a white girl let alone a racist one at that? Smh, Nas wtf man.

  14. Amy had a husband and was apart of the “27 club” (curse of 27) my family is born and raised in the uk its alot more to this story

  15. This would have been an epic couple cause I love her music so raw, so soulful, so beautiful… Keep resting Amy🙏🙏 tiny music . ..

  16. They met in 2006 when she came to nyc. Salaam hooked it up. But only BLAKE was always her love and addiction. This fuck-nigga turned her on to crack and heroin. And he’s still alive, how ironic? Although she did fancy Nas and hip hop. Her first album was one big Jazz tribute to Hip-Hop. Fortunately and unfortunately I was a huge fan and was friends with her backing singer, I met her but she wasn’t herself. You are 100% right fame wasn’t her thing, she would have happily sang at the various jazz clubs and pull pints in pubs in Camden. RIP to a Legend.

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