October 4, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Monday “Hot Takes”

  1. Wait I thought Chyna was still with that Indian guy whew chile I can’t jeep up,
    And I think at this point nikki is like whatever
    Mel B lawd girl get help 🙏
    Ronnie you better not drag none of the members in it
    You better cool it now.

  2. That lil red headed girl is bad af. She’s perfect for the industry. They turning her corrupted ass out. Seem to me like she always been a demon child.

    1. She wanted to be “Bhad” well she got her wish. She will soon see what her mom and Dr. Phil McGraw was telling her fast ass.

  3. I’m so sad for her I feel like she’s giving up. Can Wayne & them not do anything to turn this around ? Or are they worried about stepping in because they don’t want to mess up their own shit ?

  4. I wonder if Nicki’s gotten to the point where she just doesnt care anymore cause she’s still gna get hate either way. I feel like maybe she’s tired of it all (the industry and the ongoing hate), she’s only human and can only take so much😕 This new dude just seems like an opportunist to me which makes me more sad for Nicki.

    ps: i suspect this new dude could be the reason that drake and nicki unfollowed each other..she’s never given Drake a chance yet gets with the likes of new guy and posts him all over her s/media.

  5. How true is it that Nick n the guy linked back in the day? G have you looked at his case? Not to play devils advocate as a lawyer felonies travel etc and it could be the result of charges that come with frivolous stipulations.

  6. That little girl Bhad Bhabie is a sad situation.. she’s only 15, and that nasty industry is gonna use and abuse her to the max.. I’m so upset with her mother and her father.. it’s like come on, are you serious y’all mean to tell me y’all don’t see what’s going on. I pray she make it to 18 or better yet someone come and save her.

    1. Exactly. The industry is gonna use her up and leave her looking like Tara Reid. Her parents clearly don’t care…they are financially benefitting from her being out here.

  7. As far as Ronnie is concern. New Edition/BBD when it comes to money all of them are struggling. Now, Shamari I’m not sure what she do as far as herself but, they got twin boys. Having kids cost money, and Ronnie only income comes from New Edition/BBD entertainment and then I heard he also opened up a real estate office it’s called DeVoe Reality I think in Atlanta where he lives.. idk if it poped off, I heard that Industry makes money.. out of all of them the only ones that on a financial float is with or without New Edition/BBD is Mike Bivins Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill. They they ones with out side businesses that actually makes money. As far as I know. Sad

  8. Good Morning! Ooh, I love it when I wake up to some good tea!!! And this is hot!

    How did Mel B almost cut off his hand?
    Who would even PAY Tara Reid for yachting anymore??
    OOOP..I thought Sam Smith was with that young guy from Glee?
    Aren’t Blac Chyna and Amber both just contract girls anyway?

    1. Tara probably has a client or two that she sees, when they feel like seeing her. They probably feel sorry for her, but not sorry enough to stop her from yachting. She really should have tried to get a boyfriend during those trips when she first started. The competition is fierce out there.

  9. G, do you have some info on Meghan Marckle? She’s out here flashing her baby bump, wearing black nail polish, and presenting awards 🤔. All things The Queen does not approve. Plus I keep hearing reports Meghan is hell to work for, any truth to that?

    1. How do you/ anyone else know what the Queen approves/ doesn’t approve? Yall talk like y’all a part of the Royal Family. Also other royals have been pictured wearing black nail polish so 🤔

  10. Stop saying they will use this an excuse to pull Nicki’s endorsements. Any celebrity that is associated with a known rapist will have endorsements pull. I love your blog but hate how bias you are when it comes to Nicki you can’t keep truthful.

    1. Clearly you haven’t been reading her blog correctly she absolutely adores nicki she says all the time that she loves her

  11. I knew that Teresa was through with her husband. You can just see it. She was on Andy Cohen and he was asking her have she done anything to help Joe and her response was like she really wasn’t concerned about his deportation but Melissa her sister-in-law, no…..

  12. I am not sure who would want to invest for a romp with Tara reid. She looks washed up for a while now.

    I don’t care about what Nicki does at this point

    We need more housewives Tea because these ladies are beyond fake and i knew Teresa was done with joe. He gave up on her a long ago was cheating on her. So why not her. I actually do not blame her for that. but Melissa ..nooo…Her husband practically worships her. Or does he??

    Mel B is hot mess and she seemed to have been that way. I always thought she dabbles in drugs and you can tell because she looked so different now. Her beauty is practically fading away. I hope she keeps her kids in minds when she is thinking about taking another sniff

    Idk who bhad barbie is

  13. Nicki brought that on herself. I don’t feel sorry for her, at all if at 36 years you think dating a bum nigga baby father of 5 and convicted rapist and murderer is ok. You’ll deal with the consequences

  14. Ariana Grande seem like she is a insensitive person. Do and say shitty stuff.

    Bad babie look like she was always strung out on something all the time.

    I pray that Mel B can get the help she need. This woman is at rock bottom.

    This celebrities are nuts!!

  15. MEL B??????????? 😲😲😲😲😲😲

    BHAD BADDIE???????? 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 I’m slightly NOOOOT surprise n I bet money all them GROWN niggas taking her down STILL……

    but SAM SMITH THOOOOOOOOO????????? 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 you killed me dead with that one!!!!!

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