October 2, 2022

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30 thoughts on “P.S.A. – Terms and Conditions Are Officially Posted

  1. I’m so sick of this people sharing our tea. You have been way too lenient. So happy to hear ur kicking them off.

    1. And she tried to make it sound like it was her who found out/ she didn’t even sound authentic /like really hun?

  2. Chile…Glad I rarely if ever comment on posts. Hell I don’t want or need my followers knowing my business. Lol plus no one I knows would believe the tea you serve anyway. They all think it’s conspiracy theories & I’m crazy. TUH!

  3. Should they even be call a sugar baby…. sounds a little salty 2 me…. bye 👋 saltine … ole salty baby 👶🏽 azzz

  4. That would seem like common sense to me..if you are paying to view here, then clearly you are going to be reading something deeper than you will find on a public site.

  5. Hey G, if we see another blog posting exclusive tea what should we do? I sent one to you guys this week that was OBVIOUSLY stolen. Aside from DM’ing you is there anything we can do?

  6. G I seen that tiffany hadish tea on another blog and it was word for word. I’ve been seeing alot of your tea on there I think they are either on your page or someone on here is sending them information

  7. of the three I stay with Remy, she makes her music, she has his family and a baby on the way so she has been praying. I do not agree with Sether. I feel so bad that Missy had to go through all those things, when I was little I listened to her music and I did not care about her appearance, she is a genuine woman with great talent. I’m neither in Nicki’s or Carbi’s side but if you give me a choice I’ll stay a thousand times with Nicki. Cardi is too ghetto for me, you have money and fame and you do nothing but be commenting all the negative comments of the people, behave in the proper way, I do not care that you have been estriper but does not have any kind of education. Then saying in love and hip hop that black women are cockroaches and in the end her daughter has turned out to be Afro-Latina. Sincerely I doubt very much that another man takes it seriously because it is another Tifanny Haddis big mouth

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