October 5, 2022

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14 thoughts on “IG Season 5 – The Truth Behind The Beef Between Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Part 2

  1. I am not guna jump on the Nicki hate train, although I am not a fan of her music. Other than Pills n Potions and Anaconda I’ve never been a fan of the music. Barbie Tingz and Chun-li were hot and I give her full credit. With ALLADAT said, Nicki is fucking shady and passive aggressive. If I were Rih, I’d be pissed too with that fake love to her face and shots taken behind her back. Why wouldn’t Nicki just come out and tell Rih that she wasn’t feeling her treatment of Drake? Or she could have stopped fucking with Rih period and not been mad fake about it. I really wonder why Nicki is like that?

  2. There’s a rumor Jay is the one who got in Meek’s ear to release the diss track exposing Drake for having ghostwriters. Jay is also passive aggressive and dislikes/jealous of Drake. Nicki and Meek chose the wrong one trying to be friends/loyal to Giselle and Jay. Those 2 aren’t loyal to anyone.

    They would have been better off being friends with Rih and Drake. Rih and Drake have hotter careers than Giselle and Jay.

    All Meek got from the beef is ridicule and even Giselle and Jay were both cozying up to Remy and Cardi B. Nicki must feel stupid.

  3. Just saw on ig that gabriel union and wade had a child via surrogate guess they are sticking together after all G

  4. I’ve always believed that Giselle was miffed that riri always stayed on her level, if not a step ahead. Rihanna is killing it now.

  5. Sounds to me like Bey and Jay were manipulatinfg ppl again. Like lets be real Bey and Jay have more power than drake, rih, or nicki. Jay was fucking rih and bey at the same time and lying about it. We also know Jay didnt like drake bcuz he was his replacement. Jay got meek (a dumb young easily influenced rapper) to turn on drake. But also note that meek was dating nicki anx drake kept hitting on nicki. So it was easy for jay to creep in Meeks ear n start some shit. As for Nicki and rih, I mean if some girl was doing my guy friend dirty (cuz we all know rihanna is no saint) I wouldn’t really fuck w her either. So wat nickis a asshole for standing up for her friend drake, who she felt was getting played? Nicki and rih were COOL but there was never any loyalty there, they were never THAT COOL. And then Bey just took advantage of the situation bcuz she knew rihanna was fuckin her man, so she used nicki. I mean can anyone think logically anymore? Or can all y’all do is point blame at one person? Cuz they always dead ass wrong in my opinion

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