October 4, 2022

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10 thoughts on “IG Season 5 : The Truth Behind The Drake & J-Lo Split – Part 3

  1. A-Rod & J-Lo make sense. Both Leo’s, both have a lot in common. Both made some mistakes in love when younger & after self-reflection become a great for one another

    Why would Drake think Riri would take him back after the J-Lo stuff & then subsequently getting a porn star pregnant?

    Drake has to let the petty & conniving go. Ppl always think they are getting revenge but due to the negative & malicious intent they are actually the ones ending up receiving the karma as well

  2. Hmph! JLO is a fuckin dime piece! Drake was trippin…. all this porn star shit is just disgusting. Glad she’s with A Rod now

      1. Was it the fact that he was caught on camera with the French PS. Or that he had a baby by here??
        Cause there were no smiles or nothing during that dinner in Amsterdam…

  3. Lol I bet looking back, Drake probably wishes he would have stuck it out with JLO a little longer. He could have possibly avoided having a kid he didn’t want with a woman who is basically a stranger and he has no love for.

  4. Good info. What stood out to me were these damn pics, lol. He has one eye covered in them all and it creeps me out

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