October 5, 2022

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48 thoughts on “PR Diaries : The Stories We Used To Whisper About On Them PR Streets

      1. I know, but I have pregnancy brain. My mind is messing with me right now lol. I’m coming up the wildest guesses.

  1. How pathetic to really notice someone being successful and say “I’m gonna knock them up so I can intentionally slow them down, all while I still sneak and creep” smfh men like that kill me with their soft egos!

    1. You would be surprised to know how much men are jealous of their women’s success. Some of them would rather you be a housewife so they can control you and cheat when they feel like.

    1. I do believe BA is a Boston Redsox fan & dated gweneth paltrow some time ago and she use to hang around Giselle…so you might be on to it.

  2. Damn that B&B!!!!!! IM SO LOST…..

    Ok 2 women…. Could mean the pair is SAME SEX….. Then…. I’m lost AF from there!

    I HIGHLY doubt BEYONCE (Giselle) has anything to do with this segment.

    (will read comments) lol.

  3. I’m stomped!! Lol
    B = Ben Affleck (the rat?!)
    Gin = J Lo
    The T is throwing me off!! I agree with the Brittany Spears guess.

      1. Wasnt that the one of the reasons allegedly brit and justin broke up? In cry me a river “you don’t have to say what you did. I already know. I found out about him.”

  4. Wow. Ms Lopez probably put some heavy Santeria spells/curse on Brit.

    Brit was messy and stayed fucking someone’s man lol.

  5. That last part, when JLo was with Ben, it was rumoured Britney was sleeping with Ben (her I love rock’n’roll video didn’t help that rumour either as she had ‘Ben’ written on her hand in the video) & if that’s true that’s probably why Justin did ‘Cry me a river’ which all could have been because Justin left Britney in the hotel for hours to go play tongue fights with Beyoncé? Am I somewhat right G?

      1. so wait a min. Justin was mad that brit cheated with a blk guy but at the same time was making out and probably fucked black girls?? men smh

  6. I knew Amber did something!! Wiz just started to act up on social media posting all these loose pics with females and i wasnt even mad at him. I could feel it that she fucked him over. Then she tried to be a victim when she found him with the twins. And look at her now jumping from dick to dick and nobody will ever wife her again. Nick seems like he enjoys messing with taken women.

  7. Josh is still sexy tho but an asshole… i always heard that he cheated on Fergie so it was weird that she married him. her career did fell off the map since getting with him.

    Joseline must be the stripper hoe for the stars eh

    I didn’t get the last part but thanks to the comment section, I now know who they are,,,

  8. I heard Nick was a drug dealer but I thought it was on a Big Meech level in the streets. They also said don’t let that corn ball persona fool ya lol.

    Joseline be with everybody man but claiming to been a classic stripper making $10,000/night and nobody touched her. Bitch please who I look like boo boo the fool? “Every stripper claims to be a Diamond but really is a Trix” catch that pun lol.

    But onnareal Joseline is reaping what she’s sewing. She been a whore yet gets mad when Faith took Stevie. Let’s remember how she crucified poor Mimi. Now she thought Bonnie Bella was gonna replace Eva Giselle and it doesn’t work like that. Stevie not the best provider but he not disowning his kids for the next. In Joselines and every other side chicks head if you leave your family for me it shows how much you love me. So building happiness on misery because she’s miserable on how her mama did her.

  9. Yep niggas trapping women now. For most it’s not about the money but the ownership. You’ll always have feelings for me I can always hit it even if you gotta new man because I’m baby daddy. The morning women you trap the more powerful they feel. It’s even a feel good pride when the next man takes care of YOUR KIDS LIKE A SUCKA. It’s a sick game.

  10. Not surprised by Fergie and Josh. Didn’t they catch him publicly, cheating? Nick Cannon selling weed 😮😂!? Now THAT is a shocker and funny. I promise, that outweighs the Amber situation in my book. The last one, yep I have NO clue lol.

  11. He loved him some Gin even if he got it from the Block, He’s Patriotic and Loves Red Socks
    My guess, Ben affleck, and from the block is Jlo.
    Bee, and J have to be Beyoncé and J.

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