October 5, 2022

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34 thoughts on “PR Diaries : Larsa Pippen, J LO And Diddy, Blac Chyna and Future

  1. She ain’t Jenny from the block for nothing I guess haha know when to keep it classy and when to get ratchet haha

  2. Scotty wife aways seemed thirsty to me aint no tellin how many of his homeboys done hit 🐸 ☕️. Future must got some good 🍆 cause chicks go crazy over him 🤷🏾‍♀️ and That’s right jlo dont be a punching bag for nobody

    1. Larsa is going to wished she had never cheated on Scottie. From what I heard about him when I was stationed in Great Lakes (outside of Chicago), Scottie wears his heart on his sleeve.

  3. It’s it truth that Kim busted j-lo and Diddy in bed in a hotel. Kim throw a tv at them and went through the window??

  4. Larsa always gave off hoe vibes. Anytime you sit in a car and tells someone’s mother about how many times you and your husband screws(on episode of KUWTK)… Yea yous a hoe.
    Blac Chyna *sighs* another hoe.
    That’s right Jennifer, let em know. Keep your damn hands to yourself lol.

    1. Yeah I never understood how Scottie stayed with her for such a long time when it was clear that she was a hoe. Figured there had to be something holding him maybe the kids

  5. I always knew it was Kourtney that was the Lesbo. She has that energy about her. So I am not surprised. Wendy used to imply that she was the one who was gay as well.

    The reason why Jlo is not to be played with is because she has her own money and doesn’t really depend on a dude for that unlike cassie, misa, kim etc. I am proud of her for holding her own and giving them a taste of their own medicine. It makes me respect her even more.

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 G, I remember back in the day it was rumored jlo kicked in a hotel room that diddy was in with some other chick and she commenced to beat puffy up

  7. That’s what these basketball players get for marrying these groupie bitches. You think you can whorish behavior.. lol J-lo is spanish so i am not surprised. She fuck up quick

    1. She shoulda bust Kim Porter in her face. All that baby mama drama. I hate it when a hoe steal her best friend man (Misa) and get mad when the ninja cheats on you. And it’s not technically cheating since h never officially claimed you. Her and Cassie were on the same level lol.

  8. And what happened with future and Larsa? Did Kim take her side when she was messing around behind Ciara’s back?

  9. Chyna be tryna trap em early!! Future wasn’t as gullible as Tyga and Rob. He dipped after her crazy self got his name tatted after 5 weeks of chopping because I’m sure he never told her they were in a relationship

  10. I love that about her never knew this I’m glad she ain’t no pussy. She knows she’s bad and doesn’t have to take that from a man. Reminds me of her movie enough

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