October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “PR Diaries

  1. Do you have anything yet on Bron & the groupies in LA?

    He missed his daughter’s birthday yesterday when it was a home game on the west coast

    He looks overwhelmed already, the team is 0-3 & Giselle is posting pics of herself on a basketball court in heels lol

  2. I have been waiting and requested tea on Total. That is so wrong what they did to Wendy. I mean it is given that she talks a lot but the radio was so hood back then. I grew up on this in Brooklyn. Wendy was entertaining though with the gossip.

  3. Idc what no one says to be that rich and famous no man could be that faithful so I give it up to Lebron for keeping it at rumor level(unless you getting that insider info from G) thanks luv keep it coming cause I knew he wasn’t a goodie two-shoes

    1. I do give him that Him Steph Curry grant hill now lebron only certain circles know about him I have never heard something about Steph or Grant Hill that werent just internet rumors but if they did they kept it very discreet

      1. True I forgot about them but Steph comes from a very different background and they are very family oriented.

  4. She loooks a whole mess now🤦🏾‍♀️ I went out with her some years ago and whewwww Chile the cokehead

  5. Is there any word on why Total disbanded originally? I feel like they could have been a bigger group despite the fact that they werent the greatest vocalists…. but they were my favorite girl group in the 90’s. I need more scoop on my girls.

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