August 16, 2022

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49 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Rihanna Turning Down The Super Bowl

  1. So the real reason she didn’t do it was because she wasn’t gonna get some coins from it not because she is standing with Kap? That’s just what the PR Put out to make her look good? I mean smart move and all but dang on the other hand it’s like what’s her stance on it now I’m curious? Is she for Kap or she don’t really care? Would she have done it if they had paid her big bucks regardless of how they treating a black man for standing up for equality?

    1. I’m not surprised maybe I’m wrong but I haven’t heard Rihanna speak out that much against racial injustice. And I have never heard her speak out about black Lives matter movement hardly ever. So how could she stand with him if she’s never been the voice of it before.

  2. This sounds about right. I wondered why Rihanna has never performed at the Super Bowl as big as her status is. Now we know why.

  3. I better not see this story anywhere else….no way any other page has this scoop…even if her intentions were to get paid, putting out that she “stands with Kap” has to bring more attention his way. Maybe if other big performers take this stance, the NFL will back off of this slave-owner mentality and let the players boycott the anthem as they see fit. Clearly police brutality isn’t going away, and in my honest opinion it will not go away until 1- the media stops vilifying the victims and 2- offending officers get hit with harder charges and convictions. The police should not be getting slaps on the wrists, they should be receiving the maximum convictions for abusing their positions. Sorry to write a book.

  4. I knew there was a underlying motive!! If that were the case I feel like that would’ve been said awhile ago!!!

  5. Welp, good for her shit i wouldn’t do it for free either. Fuck the NFL (I don’t watch TV😂😂😴) delete allat shit. BITCH BETTER HAVE MY🗣️

  6. Insert heavy side eye to Rihanna. So in other words, she didn’t care about Kaepernick and the NFL’s stance against kneeling until she didn’t get the money she wanted. Sounds about right.

  7. I thought a few years ago Rih spoke out about the NFL bc they had stopped playing her music as promotion when they had a domestic violence scandal?

    1. I will find out if she did but thats why I think there is a chance she was fuckin with them and then get them to offer allof these extra things and then turn them down

  8. Basically you saying that the ONLY reason she backed out was because NFL won’t pay and the LIE, excuse me, PR statement said it’s because she backs Colin…smh. Before this came up I never heard Rhianna say anything about Colin, so I was confuse. I mean you don’t always have to go into who you support, I get that, but NEVER has she mentioned him(that I can remember). I would applaud her, but my guess is if NFL would have given what she wanted she would be there performing, so I will hold my hands. I am getting tired of these celebs using the trendy defense(I support Colin) to save face when their deals fall through.

    1. im sure she had mentioned him before umm maybe lol another thing is I am not sure Rihanna ever had any intention of performing rihanna is a troll. It would not shock me if she was just going to see how much she could get from them and then tell them no

      1. That’s something I would do especially if they were sketchy. See what you can get and still say no

      2. That “Umm maybe” says a lot lol. But I get the troll part, but in the end isn’t this just another PR gain for her. I mean she could have trolled them and we NEVER knew. Ok you might have known, but the masses(everyday people) wouldn’t have lol. The fact that this information has magically made it to headline status says “hey look at me.” She could have did what she needed to do and left Colin out of it. I still lubs her tho lol.

  9. I love Rih, but she gets a major side eye for this. That’s really shady. She would have been better off not saying anything because we wouldn’t have known they asked her either way.

      1. You know i don’t think Rihanna can do no wrong 😂, but I had to give sis the side eye because of her coming out saying that she supports Kappernick, when the real reason was money. I definitely get her stalling out, because they played her in the past. She’s not wrong for that. It’s just her pr came out with that statement, knowing it was something different. I think the majority of people wouldn’t have even known she was a contender if she didn’t make that statement.

  10. Okay so correct me if I’m wrong, she didn’t demand money? That’s just the story they put out there to make her look bad? She turned them down because they passed her up in the past knowing she was a better fit than who they actually chose? I think some people are reading the article wrong and giving Rihanna an unnecessary side eye from what I’m reading in the comments. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Kudos to her if my understanding is correct.

    1. She wanted the money, but the NFL do not pay artists for their halftime shows. They do everything else besides pay them. So the lie was the NFL said that Roc Nation supports Colin and Rihanna. And she turned them down flat.

  11. People still don’t understand than Rihanna ( and the big part of people of the industry) think about their money and their future first, tptb acceptance equal great money, great future deals and most important stay alive. People think that riri will fuck her future and risk her life for people she don’t event know 😏

  12. Wow. So Rihanna was after pay? It had nothing to do with Kaepernick so why put that lie out?

    Rihanna has so much going on that I can’t even see her dedicating a few months preparing and rehearsing for the Superbowl. She barely rehearses for her tours and award show

    1. It sounds good. That will probably get her more notariaty/publicity than Superbowl… just my uninformed opinion

  13. Ok well if it’s no secret that they don’t pay the artist she knew when she asked it was asking the impossible. Probably just to say she had them by the balls. She may not speak out specifically about the racial stuff but i think she is the type to turn down cause of capernick. I think the asking for money was troll cause of what they did and she had no intention to perform for several reasons.

    1. True, but this was her playing hard to get. They dissed her three years in a row. Rih is doing fine without the Superbowl publicity PLUS, she is on a “goddess” level. She is trying to either get higher status than Giselle or get out

  14. Hey G, can you go in to detail about Katy Perry and Rihanna’s falling out? They used to be besties.

  15. That’s what’s up Ri you don’t need them you’ve been doing quite well on your own and you’re so Grand they should have NEVER played you now they got played 😋🤗🙄😏😜😝😛

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